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How to organise nextclud for many users and groups with different permissions
Combing How-tos, FAQs and tips
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Help Setting Up Cloud


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  • FAQ Setting correct filesystem permissions
  • FAQ Why isn’t Nextcloud a good backup solution?
  • FAQ Is Nextcloud for home users or home experts?
  • HOWTO Backing up Nextcloud

Call for how-to/FAQ topics

in respect to this point i think it would be nice having a howto do backups from your instance… like using rsnyc or such.


Sure thing, though that’s the opposite of the proposed above. (Why not to use Nextcloud as a backup solution != How to backup Nextcloud)


errr. correct.
but at least you mentioned “backup” :wink:
and i wouldn’t say it’s the opposite… just a different thing. a different aspect ^^