Support on configuring and using Nextcloud after it is up and running. For installation questions, use the install category.


Topics about getting Nextcloud up and running for the first time, and anything you need for installation.


Topics defining each official release of Nextcloud, including possible future releases.


This category is for discussions about the Nextcloud apps. Apps could request a category once there are more than a handful of threads opened.


Discussion about features or apps of Nextcloud.


In the News category we automatically publish everything that goes on the Nextcloud Blog - Discourse is our official comment-on-news-blogs place


Sometimes topics don’t fit into specific categories, or it may not be clear which they belong to. For this reason, use the general topic as a place for non-specific Nextcloud discussions, and mods may move your topic to another category.


Tutorial topics that describe how to set up, configure, or install Nextcloud using a specific platform or environment. Topics in this category may only be created by trust level 2 and up.


This category is for talking about translations that happen on Transifex and coordinating the efforts around internationalization and localization.


This category is for topics related to hacking & designing on Nextcloud: submitting pull requests, UX design, configuring development environments, coding conventions, and so forth.


Discussion about itself, the organization of this forum about Nextcloud, how it works, and how we can improve this site.

hosting providers

Topics about the various hosting providers on or in other places. Let us know what you think about your hosting provider!


Any questions and topics regarding our clients.


Questions in other languages than English. Please use the specific subcategories such as "deutsch" for the German forums.

nextcloud freelancing

In this forum we'd like to provide a place for Nextcloud Freelancers to find and connect with organizations looking for some help developing custom Nextcloud capabilities.


This category is to discuss our Nextcloud conference as well as events in general!


Got something nice to say about Nextcloud? We would love to hear it


Topics that come up very often when discussing Nextcloud will eventually be classified into this Frequently Asked Questions category. Should only be added to popular topics.