Wanted to share a guide I made for running Nextcloud in Docker with Apache and Let's Encrypt

I’ve been using Nextcloud on my home server since version 15 was just released and so far I’m very happy with it. It went through many experiments and upgrades all the way up to 19.0.1 and so far nothing broke (yet).

When I first was deploying Nextcloud, I wanted to have it running inside three Docker containers: Apache, Nextcloud (nextcloud-fpm) and Postgres. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any documentation on proper Apache configuration (with fast-CGI proxy, HTTPS, HTTP2, caching, proper security headers etc.), so I had to figure it out myself.

I keep the documentation for everything that I run on my small home server on GitHub here (the compiled HTML version is hosted using GitHub pages and available at ovk.github.io/silverbox.
And since a big part of it dedicated to installing and running Nextcloud, I thought I’d share it here.

Hopefully it can be useful to someone.