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Hi folks,

As I don’t do much in the way of coding I’ve been considering other things I could do that’d be beneficial to the project and community while I’m at the Nextcloud Conference. Given the close proximity to the devs it’s a good opportunity to get questions answered and explore both gaps in my own knowledge and the issues/scenarios/requests that come up frequently for which there’s no documented answer.

I’ve made a start in the How-to category with the How-to/FAQ WIKI however it’s looking a little sparse at the moment.

To the community:

If you feel particular topics or questions come up often and need a standard answer we can link to, go ahead and add it in post 2 of the How-to/FAQ WIKI by clicking the little pencil icon to make an edit. It’s a WIKI so almost everyone can edit, but if you don’t have permissions to do so, send me a DM and I’ll add your suggestion in.

I’d like to transform that topic into something of a mega-topic for getting started and basic troubleshooting with relevant headings, so in the end we can all point new/existing users to the WIKI for a number of common issues, but this requires far more contribution to the how-to category and is likely a way off yet.

With that said, I think with a bit of input now from the community we can get the wheels in motion.


Community questions for the NC conference


This thread is one point we could discuss:

I still need to schedule my trip but it’s looking like I will make it :smiley:


i’m not sure there will be any solution to that discussion. it’s all gonna end up in two (at least) different POVs in the end. NC thinking that they are for home-users as well (there are some good points that would prove that assumption right) and on the other hand users who think that NC doesn’t do enough to get the unexperienced homeuser in (who is usually used to click & then it runs without further tweaking)… and there are some good points to this assumption as well.

so i, at the moment, would rather link to the discussion going on than to really have a solution.

whereas i do find the discussion itself very helpful. and neccessary. for both sides.


It’s more constructive I think to work toward an official statement as a first draft and build on or otherwise these topics will keep popping up with no progress


so the ball is in NC’s court then, i think…
let’s see if @jospoortvliet could help… ^^


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Is Nextcloud for Home Enthusiasts or Home Experts?
Is Nextcloud for Home Enthusiasts or Home Experts?


A HowToFAQ on file permissions and umask would be great I think especially as to its application in Nextcloud. As a PC enthusiast and Linux novice I know how important file permissions can be for security and preventing inadvertent file management mistakes. I have delved into the topic occasionally but not often so I forget how it all works and moreover I would want to know exactly what NC recommends and the consequences of the various options out there – all in one place. That would be very helpful for folks in my situation. Thanks.


Few Days ago I finished a Poor man’s High availability Cluster running Nextcloud. haven’t found something in the Documentation, regarding Corosync/Pacemaker so I decided to roll my own.

Possibly it’s worth a look, but i know it needs a little bit more shape too. From my point of view its not completely shaped, but nearly feature complete.

Building a Nexctloud Cluster Index of contents

Kind regards.


I would like to publish a sticky post with all the Nextcloud apps that are unmaintained/not in the store/etc.

That way the number of questions about “is there an app…” could be reduced greatly and maybe somebody interested picks up such an app and makes it work again/puts it in the app store.


I’d fully encourage you to do this, create a topic in the Apps category and I’ll WIKI it so others can contribute. There’s no less work if one of the mods look to make this as we all need to do the same level of research.