Community questions for the NC conference


The Nextcloud conference started yesterday with a lot of talks during the weekend (usually they are available later on youtube). @JasonBayton and myself are heading to Berlin as well to represent the non-coding community.

If you have issues that you think were not properly handled here, or you might have some other questions regarding Nextcloud development, we can try to bring them forward. Or any other question regarding the forum or the community. Jason already raised the question for missing howtos:

One point is already on our list:


maybe some other good points to talk about were:

  • future of nextcloud-snap (like who is gonna maintain it) AND
  • will there be a kind of followup to nextcloud box (and maybe having a new snap - maintainer coming with it)? as well as
  • paid support for homeusers? (which might be covered with the point you mentioned above, already)


I know there’s a hope, but with WDLabs shuttering it’s dwindling a bit. We (@jospoortvliet) need to make more noise about it rather than letting it die off gracefully. A call for action, blog posts, so on.

@tflidd envious :slight_smile: I’ll see you all in a couple of days. In the mean-time community, those topics aren’t going to fill themselves with questions!


make it a sticky note… :wink:


It was… but probably expired. I’ll have another look.


WDLabs shuttering

There are better alternatives out there for storage intensive applications like Nextcloud after all. The shared USB/Ethernet bus of the Raspberry PI doesn’t make it very great for that purpose anyway.


No plans I’m aware off but it is a very nice app :wink:


To finish this topic, I have put short answers to each of these topics. Thanks to everybody for the participation (on the forum & conference).