Building up a Wiki

oh, nice, this Community Wiki Start,
but this should hostet on … to have a real Wiki, with the possible for
users to have a wiki-access as

Wiki-user, create-own/edit-save-own/delete-own
Wiki-extended-User create/edit-save-allusers/delete (with the possible to edit and correcting possibility’s at other users),
Wiki-Moderator and

and it could be , Guids & External Guid’s to have the possible for building up own and fresh Guid’s if in the help-forum it is ask, like my ask of the Icons and so on, to be in possible for make also iconthemes and so on… because the black and white icons be a bit boring, colored like in kde makes more sence for private users… and, colored icons make more fun… just as example :slight_smile:

best regards