Building up a Wiki


yes, i know, there is a Documentation for Admins and Users and Developers, but there be occasionally ask’s where can maybe placed in the Wiki or problem solutions, tip’s, tweaks and gimmicks where maybe very good is in the wiki stored.

so, why not building up a wiki for users who become write permissions on it because they are more often in this forum and be in able because enough time and have fun for building up a Wiki.

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there has been several requests on that subject, already.

so that’s why @JasonBayton once started this thread here

which could be regarded as a starting point for a wiki, at least. what do you think?

oh, nice, this Community Wiki Start,
but this should hostet on … to have a real Wiki, with the possible for
users to have a wiki-access as

Wiki-user, create-own/edit-save-own/delete-own
Wiki-extended-User create/edit-save-allusers/delete (with the possible to edit and correcting possibility’s at other users),
Wiki-Moderator and

and it could be , Guids & External Guid’s to have the possible for building up own and fresh Guid’s if in the help-forum it is ask, like my ask of the Icons and so on, to be in possible for make also iconthemes and so on… because the black and white icons be a bit boring, colored like in kde makes more sence for private users… and, colored icons make more fun… just as example :slight_smile:

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this might be interesting for @jospoortvliet - but i’m not really sure if we haven’t had this discussion already, earlier.

let’s see what he think of it

We have indeed had this conversation, I believe the result always comes back to create a PR on the docs if you want something added.

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well, Dokuwiki can be portable (easy to copy/zip and so) with sqlite , and have the possible for international and a pdf-builder for offline-reading
just as note … :blush:

The documentation on github is pretty easy to edit graphically - not much harder than a wiki I would say, so while we can perhaps find something easier, it is a lot of work to set it up. For now, we stick with what we have :smiley:

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it is a lot of work to set it up

something like Dokuwiki or so ?
and this as subdomain ?
commonnnn !

it’s also enough if exit a
to have something for the users who can create helpful
entrys …

1-2 days for the next years … therewith could also upcoming less traffic and could be some entrys explained for normal users… because the Documentation is more for technicans… with an wiki could it be more for users who want lern how it works …
there could be a step for step instructions / guidance at example …
from users to users … Know hoff, tips and tricks, just all what not in the Documentation …

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