Installation guide for Newbies? [Solved]

Anyone got any useful information or links I may have missed ?

At some point spare time permitting I may well try to put NC on an old PC or a virtual machine. This is an easily navigated forum and I have probably found the main useful links. e.g.

I also tried the demo on the main site, and no doubt nothing to do with the community but I note documentation & specifically the user manual is 404. <= MAIN QUESTION => Am I missing anything useful there? or is that enterprise orientated information of little interest to a potential home user?

I have not yet tried to look up any specific tips for VM use.

I recommend to use the start page of the Nextcloud documentation to navigate to the desired information. Most likely a symbolic link hasn’t been updated so that the user guide could be be found using that ink.

Installation guides for Newbies?

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and captain obvious recommends:

Thanks that does have documentation I may view and download.

@Reiner_Nippes thanks for the extensive list of links.
[URL removed - Spam protection [JK]] now seems to be using

For Plesk User: