How to use occ commands on a Shared Hosting without SSH access


I have a test instance of NC15 on a Shared Hosting.
Works pretty well, but after the last major upgrade I got warning about missing db indices and others.

I have no shell access for that instance.

Some days ago I discovered the App “OCC Web”. See

Enable this app and type your commands.
Help is integrated.


Disable it afterwards and you are done.

No need for SSH.


Tested on Hetzner and 1und1.

btw. Repeating (history) is available. Cool

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Thanks a lot, this is a great app!
Even with ssh available I would use it because now I can manage occ commands in the backend as long as the cloud isn’t in maintenance mode.


Seeing all the power in that app makes me feel bad about security :-/
You can do a lot of bad things.

IMHO you have to force 2FA for admins after having such a powerful in App Store.

Any other opinions regarding security?