How to handle the error count in Nextcloud 28


In Nextcloud 28, an error display has been introduced in the administration settings.
As soon as there are errors in the log, the green tick is no longer displayed, but a number of errors.

This worries many users and there are many topics about it here.

My assessment in brief:

  • Don’t be alarmed.
  • You already had the errors in the log before, but they were not pointed out so prominently.

An initial observation shows that when errors are corrected, the error disappears after a few (7?) days and the beloved green tick is back.

Why are there errors?

  • The errors have very different causes. Some come from the server bundle, some from apps, some from connected services
  • Not every error is mission critical and should be considered calmly.

There are already ideas to improve this message (acknowledgement or similar).
See Ability to acknowledge logged errors in security & setup warnings · Issue #42383 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

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That is exactly what I have predicted:

However, I believed that this function was only intended for the beta phase. I couldn’t even imagine that something like that would actually be included in a final.
I know the psychology of the mainstream of users. They develop sleep disorders and high blood pressure when the green tick is no longer visible!

“already” :thinking: :woozy_face: :grinning:



My post is wiki type. Feel free to add more fancy english :grin:


What logs? Where exactly? What is the algorithm behind this message?
We are not developers to read your minds…
It is impossible to act without knowing what is nextcloud is whining about. :frowning:

Log in as admin and check the logs.
Make sure you enabled app called logreader.

I am not a dev too :wink: