Reminder for some topics

A few topics slipped through and didn’t get the support they should have gotten. Mostly these were topics of general interest (possible bug). Sometimes the original poster managed to get it back to our attention but we probably lost a couple of them.

How can we improve the handling:

  1. We could use the tagging feature (it’s possible to restrict certain tags to moderators or other groups and tag them important, possible bug or whatever)
  2. In the beginning of each month, we open a topic where people can link their forgotten topic from last month. Some conditions must be fulfilled (be within the last month, not the only one with this issue, …)

other ideas?

Sounds weird, but focus more on wiki’s.

I answer many questions here with a simple link to another post which was already solved.
You could argue that every user could/should use forum-search-function before creating a new issue. But my impression is that many newbies are to underskilled to do so.
My arguementation is different. For me frequently asked questions should result in some documentation (wiki,how-to-blog, video-tutorials, etc.)
That would be a closed loop.

We have some FAQs and howtos, they are perhaps not visible enough. A real wiki is perhaps a bit easier to structure everything and keep it updated by several users. It would make another resource to look for solutions.

Now we have tags:

Well, soon. :wink:

WIKI is a fine idea, I’m working on building out the #How-to-FAQs category, including a supertopic that links to solutions, faqs and guides:

On reminders, an interesting topic:

I agree something would be useful though, I totally missed this topic until you bumped it just now.

A real wiki would have some internal structure and you don’t have to generate such overviews manually. But it would need enough people to participate…

I know, lemons > lemonade etc. However I’m not sure if running a wiki alongside the existing docs server, and the forums, won’t cause more work for users searching for answers.

I hoped the conference would have helped more :laughing:

Would have been great to discuss this during an afternoon and perhaps starting to work on a solution.

Yes, that’s a bit dangerous. How would we set it up to make a clear difference without much overlap. There should be more and complementary information and participation should be easier than the official docs.

Right? Should have had a workshop IMO.

More questions - who hosts it, what wiki platform, open editing? If so some of us will have to rollback the spambot/troll edits that places like wikipedia suffer with all the time, etc.

We could login via github or forum login (if possible). And only allow open editing for established users. I suppose there are less advanced spam detection mechanisms compared to the forum.

Good discussion. But keep in mind, that you have to choose your channel depending on the audience you want to adress.

If you want to adress people with an age of 15-25 you may have the best effect by using videos to transport your information.

Would be good to have some more information about the audience before investing a lot of effort in a docu which only a minor part of the audience will use!

wow that would be the icing on the cake… but as for now i think it would just be too much.

sure it means more work for searchers… but as well it means work to search a fully packed forum ;o) - the howto/faq you’re working on so far, @JasonBayton, is great thing but it’s hard to find.

i think (at least i hope for it) it should be possible to enter a menu-entry for “wiki” in the header of the page…

Was that an offer? Look forward to seeing what you come up with :wink:

Doubt it’s impossible, but then I’d wonder why it hasn’t been done for the existing docs…

:thinking: Could be fun…

sometimes you can get distracted by something else… so when something runs somehow with the most important things you wanna have you then maybe think: aww i could do this but then it gets forgotten?
sometimes its just that easy…

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Is it just that easy @jospoortvliet? :stuck_out_tongue:

header of I haven’t found any way to change the header but if you find a way point me to it…

WRT a separate wiki, I would suggest we try to keep things in Discourse. A big advantage of discourse is that it searches existing topics when you start a new one, which answers many questions before they are asked… How many double and triple questions do you get? Imagine our old forum which didn’t help users get questions answered from existing topics - 100x worse :wink:

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Looks like it’s a bit manual…

Ok, but this works. What do you want me to put in there?

function doLink(){
    var topmenu = document.getElementById("category-filter");
     var button_site=document.createElement("li");
	 button_site.class = "ember-view";
	 var link = document.createElement("a");
	 link.href = "";
	 link.title = "My Site";
	 link.appendChild(document.createTextNode("My Site"));

window.onload = function() {
    var timer = setInterval( doLink , 1000);

NC docs please!

If there’s a landing page to select the version of docs that’d be best, or perhaps a “latest docs version” link, but not one that needs to change every major release.