Nextcloud behind Nginx Proxy Manager and Safari (iOS/macOS) no access

I recently moved my NextCloudPi instance behind a Nginx Proxy Manager, so that I could run other services on port 80 and 443. After I did this my friends who use iOS and macOS where unable to access my NC instance.

The issue is clearly with the Proxy Manager and so with a quick Brave Search i found the solution.

Here is what you have to do to solve the issue

  • Login to your Nginx Proxy Manager.
  • Open the [3 dots] settings menu of the NextCloud(Pi) host and select “Edit”

  • In the tab menu at the top of the window that has just opened select “Advanced” and insert the following in the “Custom Nginx Configuration” box:
proxy_hide_header Upgrade;

  • Click “Save” and it should work.

In my case it was working right away, but you might want to try and re-boot if it does not work.


I have similar setup, NextCloud (Snap installation on 80/443) running behind Nginx Proxy manager.

I beg to differ.

My setup is accessible from iOS / MacOS via Safari without any extra config argument in the advance settings.

My setup has it’s own issue (specifically speaking upload speed) but that’s a genera one and present on every platform. Regarding this, I just checked again, its working fine with latest Safari iOS / MacOS and iPadOS


The issue @michuvon is refering to happens when HTTP 2 is enabled. I guess you don’t have H2 enabled then?