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Cela fait déjà un petit moment que j’écris de la doc sur Nextcloud. Mon but n’était pas de réecrire des pseudos traductions de doc offcielles. Je voulais écrire une doc qui donne une vue d’ensemble sur la structure d’un serveur, son fonctionnement et les différents paquets utiles. Je donne beacoup de liens vers d’autres sites.

La première partie du guide est un cours de réseau. La deuxième partie met ce cours en application avec la pile LAMP. La troisième partie donne quelques outils pour débugger un serveur. Enfin, la dernière partie donne quelques questions a se poser avant dinstaller NC. Attention, ce n’est pas un manuel d’installation !

Je suis tout ouvert à vos critiques, notamment sur des ajouts ou des imprécisions…

Voici le lien :

Merci et bonne soirée :slight_smile:

EDIT : J’ai modifié la doc pour la mettre un peu a jour et la corriger.
Il y a un format pdf et md.
J’ai changé aussi le dépôt pour le mettre sur une instance NC. J’ai finalement réussi à trouver mon hébergeur grâce à @devnull qui avait proposé sur un vieux thread operationtulip. C’est les plus sérieux je crois.
(I also changed the repository to an NC instance. I finally managed to find my host thanks to @devnull who had proposed on an old thread operationtulip. They are the most serious. )


Documentation about Nextcloud hosted on MEGA. :wink:
Do you not have an own Nextcloud server :wink:
Or why do you not use e.g. Clouddamo or Tab.Digital ?

Look also nice your doc:
I will delete it in a few days. Files are server-side encrypted from Tab.Digital.

Your client side encryption does not really work with because you have posted the password in the url path (Qn1SC6wHzUajw6CnrnvmIw). Similar to . But without the password in the path client side encryption does not work :wink:

maybe you would wanna get in contact with your (french) translation-leader under transifex to find out how much of this could be used officially?

maybe @rakekniven would know more about it… and how to proceed from here (he’s leader of german translation on transifex)

Recently @pierreozoux and @skjnldsv integrated transifex (a web based service for translations) with the Nextcloud documentation.

You are welcome to join the transifex team and help to translated. Soon the documentation should be available also in other languages.

We had the question at GitHub about the location for the translations.
Currently has not language switcher or languagebased URLs AFAIK?

Has anybody some more information?

Indeed I have MEGA…

I administrate a nextcloud server with 20 people over but I cant use it for my own.

I have also more than 6 nextcloud account. I love Nextcloud but I dont like providers. For example, on CLoudamo, Onlyoffice is bugged and Cloudamo doesnt prevent you ! On tab digital, my nextcloud client have synchronized more than 5 GB of another client on my laptop (so i have personnal photo from a stranger…) !! No response from administrators… Webo is slow. The only serious providers with colabora edition is operationtulipes but its beta…

I dont really use collabora or onlyoffice edition but when major updates of collabora/onlyoffice were out, I could see all providers upgrade NC without any verification…

Oh in which topic I have posted this tab digital link ?

My client server side encryption works well with Mega and I dont know any NC providers with server side encryption. Anyway, this document is public, so privatebin is useless.

My document is not a translation. Its true that I quickly explain how to install NC, and LEMP. But there is also a network course, and GNU/Linux course… I see some people on this community without any knowledge (IP adress, DNS, HTTPS, database, logs…). So before explaining how to install NC, its useful to explain how a server works…

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It was my copy to show that it works with Nextcloud, too

Tab.Digital uses server side encryption.

(and yes it is no really secure)

Sad. You wrote something about Nextcloud and host it on Mega.

Server side encryption… oh my bad, I wanted to say “I dont know any providers with client side encryption” sorry :innocent:
You didnt read my commentary over providers… So…
So I cant use MEGA… but i can use privatebin… ?

Yes, this is only for for now (as only 20 was implemented. But the autodeploy is broken. People have been pinged.

I don’t speak french, but wow, that’s an extensive guide!

Did you write it? :slight_smile:

Sorry my english is very bad and no, i do not speak french.
The extensive guide is from the thread starter @bastien and the parts i can read looks great.

My problem with his guide is the fact that he posted it on Mega and not on Nextcloud.
His link (first post) to the same guide:
I only downloaded and re-uploaded it to show that it looks great if a nextcloud guide is hosted on a nextcloud server.

But perhaps someone wrote a Microsoft Word - guide in LibreOffice and this is also normal.


Yes I have entirely written this (I spent a lot of time). Its not just a guide over NC, there are also networks/system (Linux) courses. It’s important to get basics before installing NC.

I published this on Mega and I didnt expect critics for this. I have a NC for asso but I cant use, and I cant install my own server at home. Anyway, its not the subject. What’s matter is to explain how server works.

Sorry for my critics to Mega. They were probably not appropriate.

I finally uploaded my doc on NC instance :innocent:
I have finally found the right host.