Combing How-tos, FAQs and tips

Over the next couple of days the FAQ and tips & tricks categories will disappear, leaving only howto (soon to be renamed How-to/FAQ).

In an effort to reduce the amount of categories on the forum and thus the amount of places people need to go to find the information they’re looking for, it’s been agreed going forward we’ll have one category for all of the contributed help material.

In addition, there’s now a new WIKI topic that can help to put this information right into the hands of new (and experienced) users, saving the need to search for topics repeatedly and offering one source of truth™ for the most common FAQs and guides:

The beauty of this is we can all* edit and change the contents of the topic as often as we like, creating a proper living list of excellent content. *There are limitations in who can edit it to prevent spam (brand new users or those who haven’t spent much time on the forum) but anyone who’s been here for a little while will have no problems making changes.

If you’ve authored a topic in the howto category and want to differentiate it as either a FAQ or How-to/guide then feel free to edit the title to prepend FAQ: or HowTo: to the title. This will also aid in those searching for FAQs and HowTos in the future (as typing FAQ into the search box should bring up all topics with FAQ in the title).

Finally if you’ve written a FAQ/HowTo but don’t have permission to put it in the correct category, flag it and let the moderators know, it’ll then be moved. Similarly if you see an excellent answer to a question and feel it deserves its own FAQ entry, flag the comment marked as the solution - see the linked topic above for an example (and screenshot).

Hopefully this will aid in better-organising the forum, reducing repeated questions and solutions and make everything easier for all involved!


Hi folks,

The changes are now live :slight_smile:

Cheers Jason, great idea and needed.

Need any help?

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Anything you feel you can do to contribute, by all means! :heart:

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