Copy the ownCloud sync client configuration when switching to the nextcloud client

  1. Install Nextcloud client

  2. Stop ownCloud & Nextcloud client via the system tray

  3. Copy the configuration to the new directory

  • Windows:
    a. Open start menu and type cmd.exe, enter
    b. Run
copy %LocalAppData%\ownCloud\owncloud.cfg %LocalAppData%\Nextcloud\nextcloud.cfg
  • Mac:
    a. Open the terminal
    b. Run
cp ~/Library/Application\ Support/ownCloud/owncloud.cfg ~/Library/Application\ Support/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg
  • Linux:
    a. Open the terminal of choice
    b. Run
cp ~/.local/share/data/ownCloud/owncloud.cfg ~/.local/share/data/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg
  1. Uninstall the ownCloud Sync client

  2. Start up the Nextcloud Sync client

  3. Provide the password for each account and enjoy!



wouldn’t it be better to offer copying the cfg and deinstall Owncloud client through the installer of the Nextcloud client?

I fear that the proposed way for many users is too complicated

Ciao, Joachim

Tiny correction, you skipped a ‘c’ in the second argument to the “cp” command in the Linux example and wrote “Nextloud”, heh. Although I suppose it won’t work anyways then since cp will complain about the nonexistent folder.

Fixed, thanks!

Well yes and no, we see this as a feature. People might not even use the ownCloud client, but another branded one. Or some people don’t want to use it for everything yet.
Just imagine Firefox installation would install Chrome, IE, …
Also catching all cases of this is not very easy. On protected windows system you might not even be allowed to uninstall and all that stuff.

Yes, you’re right. But the installer could look if the owncloud client is installed and could show advice how to migrate if it isn’t able to do it automatic.

And perhaps it should also show a warning that using owncloud and nextcloud client parallel on the same server could leed to issues?

Don’t forget to add the sync exceptions after change to the new desktop clientcopy the sync-exclude.lst file and the directory folders. :wink:

@nickvergessen under windows it should bei copy instead of cp :wink:

And there is an other typo in the destination folder name :-/

copy %LocalAppData%\ownCloud\owncloud.cfg %LocalAppData%\NextCloud\nextcloud.cfg

Worked well for me :slight_smile:

Copy the ownCloud sync client configuration when switching to the nextcloud client :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Fixed the windows command, sorry.

@keithzg , some “problem” on Windows… but RTMF :slight_smile:

1. Install Nextcloud client

Assuming the client is also started, it should create the folder …the next step is to stop both clients…

I think most browsers actually do offer to import bookmarks/history/etc from other installed browsers on first run?
This should probably be done on first run of the client, not in the installer (because of system-wide installations of the client for multiple users)

What I think would be ideal:

  • On first run: detect existing alternative clients, if found:
    • offer to import settings instead of going through the ‘normal’ setup process
    • if the user chooses to import settings:
      • instruct user to shut down the other client
      • wait for the other client to shut down
      • import settings from the other client
      • instruct user to uninstall the other client (as it is likely to auto-restart on the next reboot)
  • On not-first runs: detect running alternative clients, if found:
    • either refuse to start, or warn the user that two clients syncing the same files will probably cause Problems.

This seems like quite a lot of work to actually implement though, and messing with other installed software is probably non-trivial (also: what if they already have multiple other clients installed?..)

Yeah well, at the moment we only theme the upstream/downstream client. Once we actual change code, we might do that. Until then we decided to go with the “manual copy the config” route.


First: thanks for the tutorial! Works like a charm :D!!! However…

I need to know where does the owncloud.cfg file is hidding in Win XP (i know… it’s an old OS… not supported… and so on but there REALLY isn’t any other chance right now!!! I really need to install this on XP and i really want to migrate to nextcloud :).

can anyone help? (or do i have to reconfigure everything all over again :frowning: )


Should also be in %LOCALAPPDATA% => C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Application Data

Great. Just a tip if everyone is looking for the same: You have to set the explorer to see hidden folders.

But i now have another problem: everytime i start the client in a Guest Account (which is in use) it asks for the password. If i logout and login again, it asks it again… Any work around?

Edit: Since this was a bit off-topic i created a specific topic on this bug at: Windows Guest Account's client keeps asking for password )

Is there a reason we could not copy it all?
Because we want the configuration and skiplist files, and i guess cookies and folder “folders” wont hurt?
Or maybe cookies is not compatible for some reason?
And I failed to find what “folders” is used for.

I mean for Linux:

cp -r ~/.local/share/data/ownCloud/* ~/.local/share/data/Nextcloud/
mv ~/.local/share/data/Nextcloud/owncloud.cfg ~/.local/share/data/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg

On my computer, configuration is in ~/.config/ownCloud and ~/.config/Nextcloud

Since Nextcloud Client 2.6 and more since 3.0 some necessary changes in regards to the security of the config as well as preparations for End-to-end encryption, it was not possible to maintain this compatibility anymore as ownCloud also did changes into another direction at the same time. Currently it seems that removing the client and data and then redownloading it is the better option, until someone found the time to readd compatibility, see for some information and use it as point of discussion if you want to solve this issue yourself.