Windows Guest Account's client keeps asking for password

On Windows XP (i know… unsupported… but i don’t know if this happens on more recent versions as well) if a user is running the desktop client on a Guest Account it keeps asking for the nextcloud server password everytime the client starts.

How can i fix this?

I’m just suspecting that all user-based changes during a session are deleted. You must find a way to configure a program for the guest-user (no idea if that is possible at all). Windows forums are the better location to ask such things.

Before spending to much time on an unsupported version, I would rather try to find a more future-proof solution. Either more modern Win system or Linux with guest users or something similar.

This is something that already happen to me when i switched to the last ownCloud version (from the previous before it) and i never get how to fix it (i had to edit windows registry to keep owncloud from updating itself). Anyway, i was hopping this would be fixed whit Nextcloud client…

this is either a bug or a bad configuration made by me… since the one before was working OK…

From what i understand, Owncloud is not able to save the password… Any idea in which file it’s keept? Maybe from the Admin account i can replace the Guest user’s file whit the other that has the password stored

If it was possible in a previous client and broke with an update, please report this to the bugtracker


Keeps asking password on Guest Account

Thanks for your help/assist :slight_smile: