Forum, Github or Chat: Which to use when?

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  • All support related questions belong on the forum
    • Nextcloud
    • NCP
      • ncp tag means your questions will be automatically relayed to our chat groups!
      • Great for long-term content. Fully indexed on the forum for others.
      • Available from search engines, most questions have already been asked and answered.
      • Great since the whole community can profit from your questions and answers.
  • How to ask forum questions is a nice reference when drafting up a forum post.


Telegram and Matrix

:: Notes ::

  • New users are limited to text-only posts for 24 hours

  • Documentation requests should be sent directly on Forum. Ask them here or simply join our team

    • Join the Wiki team to to contribute documents, translate or edit.
  • Simple yes/no answerable questions on Telegram are favored, such questions typically do not exceed one or two lines and are contained in a single message.
    Sending multiple single line messages will be considered rude and you risk getting banned for spamming.

  • Use a link to a pastebin service for log content and terminal output.

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