How and where to get help


  • Read How to Contribute if you haven’t already.

  • Your best chance at getting help and getting answers is asking questions on the forum.
    Please do take the time to investigate (search) for a possible solution to your question or issue, since there is a great chance that it has already been asked and answered.

  • For general discussion you can join us on our bridged Telegram and Matrix chats. These chats are not meant for support questions beyond “yes” and “no”!

  • Only bugs, issues and feature requests concerning NCP code and and documentation should be reported on Github.


  • Please be patient, nobody “works” here or has any obligation to help, we do so because we like to do it.

  • When drafting a new forum post: try to be precise in describing the problems you are facing, what you are trying to achieve, steps you took, be as informative as you can. A question containing extended information, where you clearly went thru extra trouble to try gather information to make helping you easier, is likely to get a lot more response.

    • include the output from nc-info from port :4443 or ncp-config
    • You can also look for errors in /var/www logs. See List of Logs
  • Make sure you give your question a meaningful title! “Help me I’m a Noob or I’m stuck” is not going to raise much interest.

  • Always add the ncp tag to your forum topic! This auto-notifies our chat groups. Thanks.

  • For more info on how we use our forum, chat and github see this topic

By asking questions and reporting issues, we can all contribute to improving the software we are using. Thank you for contributing!

We hope this doc was helpful, if you encounter any issues please reach out to the community.
These docs are written by volunteers, please consider becoming one of them.
Contact the wiki team at Matrix or Telegram

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