Troubleshooting your NCP Installation

So, your NextCloudPi setup isn’t working.

Nextcloud is showing errors or maybe nothing at all?
The NCP web interface isn’t responding?
Or maybe you can’t even reach your NextCloudPi?

What to do?

Before reaching out for help in the community (this page), there are a couple of things you can do yourself to maybe fully resolve the issue, or gather valuable information which may help speed up resolving your issue significantly.

First and foremost check the following things if your NextCloudPi setup is not reachable at all:

Is the device turned on?

Check if the power cable is inserted into the device (e.g., Raspberry Pi), if it is, some LEDs should light up.

Is the network cable properly inserted?

Check if the network cable is inserted into your device. A non-broken network cable will ‘click’ into place. Also make sure to check the other end of the cable is plugged into a router/switch etc.

Is the boot drive (microSD) card inserted?

Make sure the drive (e.g. microSD card) on which you installed NextCloudPi is inserted into the device.

If you followed ‘option 1’ of our installation guide the Operating System of the Device is located on the microSD card. If the microSD card is not inserted, the Raspberry Pi cannot start its Operating System and as such won’t work.

Did you flash the correct image?

Make sure you chose the correct image for your device from the download page.

The Download link is broken. Where can I download the correct image

Link to Download is fixed now.

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Fresh install on Debian with only SSH and curl added. I installed via curl. Added exception for local host IP address to config.php as “1 => ‘192.168.XXX.XXX’” (with real #'s) and went to login for first time at IP address. Never showed my passwords (straight to login page) and nc-admin/nc-passwd give me “wrong username or password”. Am I missing something or is something not working?

If you modified somethibg between installation and first access to the webpage there is a chance that the initialization process is interrupted.

If you have ssh/CLI access you can type “ncp-config” and change there the admin password of ncp and nc