[Discussion] New Photo App in Nextcloud 18


The new Photo App (Gallery) is very bad…
I have 20.000 Photos and 1000 Folders…
When I open the Photo app, it shows me 20000 Photos without any possibility to sort them.
When I look for the last photo (date), I must scroll down the whole day…
And the worst is, that when I click on “Your Albums” it looks like my whole Apache crashes.
After 10 Minutes it shows me all my 1000 Folders in color gray…and 10 Minutes later with thumbnails…

Is there any possibility to fix it, short the photos or anything else???


Yes. Restore your 17 backup and wait to upgrade.

OK, funny…
On the website is version 18 to download. Why nextcloud released a unfinished version?
In a help - forum yesterday (video converter) I read: Update to 18 there is no error…
Now my log is full of errors…
Any other Idea?

No other idea. You can download 17 as well.

The new photos app is not finished and I don’t know why it’s in 18. It doesn’t even support external storage.

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Ok thanks, i will wait…

Not the first time they release unfinished stuff. Big words about new features, but most of is still alpha or beta. Doesn’t make the best impression. Thanks for the warning. Will not upgrade


No way to delete images in Photos app. (Wondering if downgrading to 17 would cause lot of troubles or not…)


At least, there SHOULD have been a VERY big red warning in the NC18 changelog, about the new photos app not supporting (and according to github, not even planned to support in the future) external storage. Without it, for me, and many others, it’s completely useless!For me, too late, but I don’t know if there is a painless way to downgrade to NC17 :frowning:


There is no painless way to downgrade.
The more you wait the more it will be difficult to come back.
If you are alone on your server you can do it then re-upload the data tha weren’t in sync. If you have several users on the server… well you can’t

it’s really annoying … ¯\(ツ)

There is no release of the gallery app for Nextcloud 18. I would try to use the release for Nextcloud 17 before downgrading: https://github.com/nextcloud/gallery

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Tell us the result of that

Empty screen :frowning:

Oh. It seems to me that DOMPurify is shipped in a very old version and the global one is not longer available: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/pull/17130

What worked for me:

cd apps/gallery/js/vendor/dompurify/src
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cure53/DOMPurify/1.0.11/dist/purify.js -O purify.js

And make sure to run maintenance:repair and clean the cache.


Still the same empty screen. Only the sort, share and info icons in the top right corner.
What do you exactly mean by “clear the cache”? occ maintenance:repair already cleares it.

Your browser cache (a force reload of the tab).

Did it, of course. Even tried from another browser. Same :frowning:

Daniel512, for you, it is working? So NC18 with the gallery downloaded from github?

Hi together.

The “old” gallery app is running on my NC 18 :smiley:

What i did:

cd /var/www/nextcloud/apps
git clone https://github.com/nextcloud/gallery.git
cd gallery/js/vendor/dompurify/src
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cure53/DOMPurify/1.0.11/dist/purify.js -O purify.js 
sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ   app:enable gallery

After that the gallery is working. No cache cleaning or “occ maintenance:repair”

Edit: It takes 2-4 seconds before the main gallery view is shown. But then everything is fine.



Great, thanks!! Now it is working OK!
Btw, I don’t know what was the difference, that made it work, but the important is, that it’s working now :slight_smile:
Fyi: I did have to force reload the page!