Gallery app parallelly with Photos app in NC19 snap installation

Geez, finally did it.

Maybe this doesn’t deserve a new thread, but the procedure in a Snap installation of NC19 is quite different than the usual way.

I use webmin to administer my server, an Ubuntu 18.04. While installing, I chose to add the Nextcloud Snap.

By using both the File Manager and Command Shell I manged to install and activate the “old” Gallery app. First I had to realize that the snap version of Nextcloud has a writeable folder for downloaded apps in /var/snap/nextcloud/current/nextcloud/extra-apps by noticing the apps I installed previously, which were not “built-in”. The apps folder in the htdocs is read-only in a snap installation, so the usual instructions were not applicable.

Downloaded the Source code tar.gz to my laptop from and uploaded it to a newly created folder gallery in /var/snap/nextcloud/current/nextcloud/extra-apps/, then decompressed it, moved files and folders from gallery-quickfix2 folder up to the gallery folder using the File Explorer and then, in command shell, ran
cd /snap/nextcloud
sudo nextcloud.occ app:enable gallery

and behold: the gallery app icon now shows up besides the photos app icon, and the “old” gallery app works.

Got help by reading:

Maybe this experience could help somebody else!

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there’s no need for “fancy” shell commands, you could have the quickfix installed as a regular app :wink:
though max version is 20 atm

After automatic upgrade to Netxtcloud 21.0.1 I had to rerun

cd /var/snap/nextcloud/
sudo nextcloud.occ app:enable gallery
gallery 18.5.0 enabled

  • and the gallery app works again, on 21.0.1. I prefer the old gallery app for several reasons.