External Storage - Linked to your Photo's App

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Current versions of the programs: Freenas 11.3-2 and Nextcloud

I have a Pool which houses the nextcloud dataset and I have a jail that I run the Nextcloud in and the mount point to my data set is linked to my nextcloud jail.

when opening up my nextcloud I was able to link using the external storage app and I’m able to sync and download off of it with my phone and computers. This is great just about everything I need, however the only photos that I see in the photos app are the stock photos, I think this is because it is pulling form all the photos that are in the jail.

I have a lot of photos in my external storage device which is just a hard drive in my NAS. I want to know how to link the photos that are in my external storage with the photo app.

Thank you for reading,
I look forward to figuring this out for everyone

The photo app doesn’t seem to support external storage.
I ended up installing the old gallery app as per the information in this post.

Thank you for replaying Ferdinand,

I will look into how to install this, I hope I can install it over the gui

Given, I’m just learning freebsd

But thanks for replaying going to check that form out.

Is this statement still valid with the new photo 2.0 app?