[Discussion] NC18 replaced Gallery app by Photos app

today I realized that in NC18 Gallery app was replace by Photos app and that this is causing that a folder containing photos (or either an album of photos) shared using a public shared link will no longer being presented as a slide show. Yes, of course I could/should have tested this before upgrading to NC18. However I never would have expected this fundamental loss of functionality. Because this is currently not discussed as a bug in Photos git just as a not yet implemented feature I would like to ask the NC core team why Gallery was replaced by Photo. I didn’t hat any issues with Gallery but now I have a major feature loss with Photos. I guess I’m not the only NC fan that was always happy to upgrade asap to the newest NC version being happy to find new cool features, now thinking about going back to NC17.
How could this had happen :frowning:


Hello @Wronny,

in the past there have been a few gallery apps. Maintained by different people in different time shifts. Continuity was not present.

As I am not a core member I do not know the reason.
Better ask on IRC. Maybe @jan knows some details?


The same shit happened with OsX between 10.9 and 10.10 with iPhotos and Photos…

Good to know - as I never upgrade my NC to a .0 version (I always wait at least for .1 :wink: ) I’m still at NC17…
…and this is a reason to stay there!

In the past there was already a loss of functionality after the integration of GalleryPlus (I don’t remember the exact name) as “Gallery” into the core - as far as I remember after an API change…
Earlier there was an “Gallery”-Button when you browsed through directories which directly switched to the Gallery view in that directory. I (and also the users which use my NC instance) really loved this.
Now it has been replaced with “Toggle grid view” which is something totally different…

I still miss that button and wish it back - but I think this will not happen… :cry:

(I also would like to remove that shitty “Last edited” items view above the directories - but that’s another story)


I’m considering reinstalling with NC17 and just staying there for a few versions. The new photos app is terrible. The lack of external storage etc are huge steps backwards compared to the gallery app.

Why was this rushed into NC18 @rakekniven ? I would not expect that core functionality (app of vital importance) to be replaced with something that doesn’t even support external storage.

And mounting the externals on my file system isn’t an option for me with S3 as primary.

I will give a nod towards them that it performs much better then gallery when it comes to image generation… but that’s the only thing I like about it.

Hey you can disable this Last Edited tab !
It’s quite easy if you have an admin account.
Do a quick search on the forum.

If I had known that, I would not have gone to NC18. For me, like for many others, sharing photos via links is the main function of Nextcloud. Unfortunately, NC 18 is a big step back in the field of image management.


Hello @Paradox551 and @JoMatr,

projects do decisions and not all find friends.

Use your backups and get back to NC17. It will be supported for a while.

To submit your requests and needs, I suggest you create issues at GitHub and objectively state your reasons.

I have. When asked about external support they said performance reasons. When I asked for clarification I was ignored.


Please provide links as reference.

That issue will continue IMHO.


Hmm, I did several searches for “last Edited”, “Disable last Edit”, “edited tab” - no results…
Do you have a link?

I found it - I had to search for “recently edit” :smile:
The answer is to disable the “Recommendations” app!
@Nemskiller Thanks a lot for your help!

Thanks to guddl who showed here how to get good old Gallery working in NC18:


As mentioned in the thread Wronny cites (and thanks to guddl indeed) there are plethora of issues with Photo as it isn’t a drop in replacement for Gallery at all.
I’ll try to summarize and add my own issues for reference, feel free to add.

  • No external storage
  • No ability to sort in any shape or form (initial flat view of all pictures aggravates that)
  • Flat view of ALL (no selection available) folders (albums) containing pictures
  • The above 2 items cause immense load/delays with large amounts of pictures/“albums”.
  • Inability to share a tree of folders, Gallery is in many ways a different view of Files, Photos very much isn’t.
  • Yet another incompatible change when it comes to shared links, I for one shared Gallery links primarily. Dropping Gallery on the floor breaks that of course. If Photos were ever to replace Gallery (certainly not in the current state), a seamless redirection to keep old shared links working is really a must.

This solution works!
Many thanks dude!!! :wink:
NB: Only PHP7.3 version!

Thanks for pointing this out!
I also upgraded to 18 without realizing the Gallery app was removed. Photos seems promising but is far from providing a Gallery replacement.


Hey all,

have you seen reply from Jos? See

Yes, closing in favor of the other thread :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone for your help and interest!