Alternative to nextcloud with working photo gallery

Over last couple of releases Nextcloud has removed one of the more important features to me, being able to create and share photo galleries. This is all but non-functioning now and the general community feel I get from many developers at nextcloud is rather snobby and even sometimes rude so instead of waiting several more years for a fix, I’m looking at alternatives.

How is the gallery app in Owncloud? I saw one gallery app on their app store but it wasn’t updated since end of 2018. Does anyone know how it is today in the year of 2020?

Yes. I also think the new photo gallery is bad.

The only possibilty is to structure the photos in folders and subfolders.
Luckily the photo gallery bug in Nextcloud 18 was fixed.

Here a solution for me but it is bad:

Perhaps there could be a feature to activate at least grid-view at the beginning.
Perhaps a developer reads this post :wink:

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I’ve actually installed MediaWiki. It has a simple gallery and it is 1000% faster in loading than NC.


Talking about snobby and rude developers and in the same moment asking in the Nextcloud forum how the gallery of other projects is? Well, this is brash.

Why don’t you contribute to the project by proposing an Pull Request? If you are no developer, then why don’t you open issues with concrete topics that bother you instead of this blurry “all not good” which does neither help the developers nor other users, because it could mean everything and nothing?

The project you mentioned focuses a lot on the file synchronization mechanism. You will find the bigger ecosystem for 3rd party apps at Nextcloud. There are ideas to reenable the old gallery app. Of course you are welcome to fork and maintain this app.

Disclaimer: I am not related to Nextcloud GmbH in any way.

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I have done all of that many times over the years. You’ll also see I have been helping others on this forum too.

But I stand by my opinion that many of the nextcloud devs are both rash, rude and disrespectful. It is quite discouraging when one puts a lot of efforts into tracking down bugs, providing logs and other information only to be met in a very non professional way.

I do not think Nextcloud will fix the photo app anytime soon, so I was asking if anyone knows something better. Why is that bad? I think a lot of people are upset about this removal of core functionality. New Photo App in Nextcloud 18

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It’s nothing bad about asking for an alternative gallery app and i share some of your frustration about the lack of features and the current photos app - it’s not perfect.

But it is quite disrespectful to ask the guests of a Burger King within the restaurant, which other fast food restaurant the would recommend.


Redirect goes both ways. Kind of my point. This is still a bit off topic for my question here.

Yes … full agree !!!

Thanks :+1:

Sorry for that. I guess our encounter yesterday was not my best performance :worried:

I can’t get calendar and contacts to sync with external services (such as Gmail) and so I have disabled both, along with the corresponding e-mail functionality.

That means to me Nextcloud is an online file storage area with document editing and collaboration functionality, with some fancy stuff thrown in, like the old gallery app and maps.

But most importantly to me, it’s self hosting.

I struggle to find good alternatives. Once I go for commercial cloud solutions and want a more full-blown package, I think it’s hard to get around Office365 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But there are a lot of stuff out there, each providing different feature sets, so I guess the best one can do, is continue to search :woozy_face:

Here’s a few links that may be of use:

It would be cool if people share their experiences with alternative products in this thread.

Nice thread with gallery, GDPR and nextcloud on-prem hosting.
The whole thread makes no sense.

There was a question with photo gallery
Than GDPR. belongs to the website from Nextcloud (Cloudflare, BootstrapCDN and Youtube) and not to nextcloud software.

GDPR for nextcloud software:

AGPL for nextcloud software:


please stay on-topic. The topic title defines the content.

Otherwise I will close the topic. Thank you.

How about using picapport and digikam?

Hi, @anon9582441. I tested the limits of NC photo galleries and sharing and found them lacking, as well. Of course, NC apps can’t be best in class for everything.

I recommend a NC installation via Yunohost which makes other apps first-class citizens alongside NC, rather than NC apps being your go-to for “all the things.”

I wrote a short article for linking your NC files to Piwigo galleries and getting a lot out of the old (but good) Piwigo ecosystem:


Its the reason why i changed over to jottacloud for my photo-stuff …i liked it better with nextcloud and at my own server but you are right its a bid slow progress in programming.
Nevertheless, NC is more then just a photo-sharing :wink: keep that in mind too :wink:

Besides of what i mentioned, good luck also finding a proper solution until “the issues” have been solved.
Hope i could lead and offer some other view

I found an interesting project called PhotoPrism that looks quite promising and could be an alternative to the Photos app. It’s currently WIP, but I think it will be released soon. PhotoPrism allows to connect a WebDAV share and you can also host it yourself by using their docker image.


I tested it (locally using their docker-compose) and it’s amazing :+1:

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For photo app limitation use different test accounts. Sometimes it is an installation problem.

You can delete accounts with two clicks.

Were you able to easily have it pull from photo folders in Nextcloud share? (easily for a non developer person such as myself lol ). I was wondering if I could install the PhotoPrism Unraid app and just point it to the photo folder of my Nextcloud share.

I think it is possible if you configure PhotoPrism that orginal pictures located in your nextcloud and all other data outside nextcloud. But you can only access the nextcloud pictures through php-functions to the datadir and not through weburl. But i think that is no problem. Because using direct path you do not access and use CPU of your Nextcloud.

Not tested:

PHOTOPRISM_READONLY 	--read-only, -r 	don't modify originals directory (import and upload disabled)
PHOTOPRISM_ORIGINALS_PATH 	--originals-path PATH 	originals PATH for photo, video and sidecar files

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