Problem with sharing files


Since the update, when I share (via a link) a folder containing photos to a user who does not use nextcloud, he can no longer preview the photos when he clicks on them, he only has the choice of download them…

Do you know why ?

Thank you

Sorry we are not all aware of your current update routine. So no idea what version you are using…

The photo app is installed?


Thanks you ! my version is 18.0.3

Yes the photo app is installed, i can preview the photo when i click on them (without download) because i’m the administrator, but when i share the folder with the photo to the link, my friend can’t preview the photo, he must downloaded them…


Nobody can help me ?

Thanks you

This is already a known issue, take a took at the following discussion:

The preview/slideshow view will return with 18.0.4

Ok thanks you very much, I’m glad to hear…

I’ll wait the 18.0.4 version for the slideshow !

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