[Question] Is "Gallery" gone?

I’m trying to upgrade from 15x to 16 (and onward from there – not sure how i got so far behind) and I’m getting an error related to Gallery. I was going to try to download a current version of Gallery but there doesn’t seem to be one in the Apps directory. Is it just gone?

And if it is … is there a good way to migrate my stored photos? I’d really like to keep them!

Yes. It is gone away. Read GitHub-Gallery.
It was replaced with GitHub-Photos

I think the photos are data. With migration you use the default app “Photos”.
And yes. It has not the same and as much features than Gallery.
Test it with a test account at https://try.nextcloud.com . Username is generated. Password is “demo”. You can use the account 60 minutes. Use the default photos or upload a few photos. But sorry. If you update Nextcloud there is no alternative.

You can read also this thread. The problems with “photos” (e.g. sharing in NC18) are now (NC19, NC20) solved.


Got it. I’m not a power users so as long as my photos are still organized into folders, which they seem to be after updating with Gallery disabled, I’m content.