[Wiki] Ways to integrate Notes, Bookmarks, Tasks, Files, Contacts and Deck together

Edit this with your ideas on possible ways to use Notes, Bookmarks, Deck app, etc. so they can share links, markdown descriptions, etc.

How might these apps work together?

Bookmarks & Notes

Bookmarks could have a folder for links that have been inserted into Notes.

Comparison of Different Apps as They Currently Are

  • Titles
  • URLS
  • Text descriptions
  • Tags
  • can reside within “Folders”
  • Optionally archived to Attachments directory as text
  • Optionally shared as RSS feeds
  • Files - “Bookmarks to files like photos or PDFs will automatically be saved to your Nextcloud files, so you can still find them even when the link goes offline.”
  • Board containing Cards.
  • Cards – Title, Markdown Descriptions, File & Folder Attachments, Calendar Reminders
  • Card Due Dates exposed in Calendar & Task apps
  • Cards can be assigned to users and groups
  • optionally shared to Project, Circle, User
  • Markdown Descriptions
  • Exposed in Calendar
  • Deck Cards are exposed as Tasks
  • Tasks are not exposed as Deck Cards

Files and Folders on the filesystem
System Tags may be applied


Reside in a Notes directory on the filesystem

  • Txt and Markdown files
  • Can reside within Folders
  • Can have system tags applied
  • Can be shared with Projects, Users, Circles, Groups
  • fill in details on calendars. help wanted.
  • optional Notes may be added to Contacts with Text Descriptions
  • fill in details on collectives. help wanted.

From Design Team DIscussion on 3/22/2022
Use of # to link objects

Tools available for integration

Missing something? Have an addition?! Edit me! I am a wiki post.


I’ve been working on an Integration between Notes and Bookmarks: When mentioning a link in a Note, the bookmarks app will pick it up automatically, create a bookmark for it and link to the note via projects.

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Very glad somone is starting this thread, since the thing I love most about nextcloud is the promise of replacing google suite and microsoft tools even for people who dont care about FOSS, or maybe do care but simply lack the requisit technical knowlige to overcome the switching costs that are inherent to moving between any two systems.

And a key part of replacing google / microsoft is that all the various components talk to each other. its easy to integrate google docs with gmail, same with outlook and office. but not so much with nextcloud mail and nextcloud text (yet!)

Anyways, for me two things come to mind:

  • It should be possible to expose everything in every app and have it be part of a project. I love how easy it is to quickly add files to a project, and know that links to file are now easily accessible in all the Deck Cards associated with that project. I should be able to add contacts, emails, notes, bookmarks, everything to a project so that its super easy to access.

  • Need more dashboard widgets, in general. I currently have three dashboard widgets that use religiously, and would (what should I be working on right now: deck, what big things do I need to do today: tasks, upcoming meetings: calendar) the only thing missing is a widget that shows “who do I need to talk to today”, which ideally would be another tasks dashboard widget with a list of tasks with the “contact” label, but right now I use a clunky email workflow to get the “important” email widget to fill that roll.

regarding projects, does anyone know where the documentation / relevant code is? There are some great docs for making a new dashboard widget I have filed away to look at later, but I use project links more and Its something that would aid in my daily workflow enough that I am willing to grind away at it every week and teach myself whatever is necessary to get this feature added. (although it would undoubtedly be faster if someone who knows more then some basic python scripting took up the task)

All of the actual development is done on Github. Projects discussions are all over the forum (and github), so happy to link those here and better organize them into the primary wiki post. Feel free to search out relevant posts / github issues and add them above.

@TinfoilTitan let’s keep projects specific discussion in Let's Talk about Projects

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I’ve received some pointers guiding me to implement projects support in bookmarks and have written up some developer docs that await merging in the documentation repo :slight_smile:

@just we will discuss this tomorrow at 14:00 CET in the Nextcloud design chat at https://cloud.nextcloud.com/call/gqff69i8

And if you dm me your email address, I can give you a guest account and permanently add you to the channel. :slight_smile:

Adding to the original wiki post as well.

Coming back to this conversation… also found this related discussion from a couple years ago.

So, improving real time search is important as it is the expected process in a tool like Google Drive, especially when you don’t know where things are, but what about the association of various Nextclud apps and their various implementations of tags.

I linked that above discussion because the question there is…
How do I associate a tagged file or folder with a bookmark tag?

Can Nextcloud as a software help us better organize and unite our data across many apps in a modular fashion?

I think of a modular synthesizer.

Modular synthesizers might include some sort of default signal flow that generates tones, but the real intention is to route and re-route each section to taste. It is the world of happy accidents, because there are always more and more ways to interconnect beyond just Input to output. That one input might be routed to a dozen outputs… or manipulated to behave in different manners in relation to particular outputs. The system is flexible and universal.

Nextcloud includes extremely useful apps, which are all accessible from the webui, but there is a missing opportunity for these apps to literally interrelate their data accessibility more. I think of it as each section of the instrument is isolated from the rest and only accessible individually. There is still the very real chance (and need) for all of the different apps in Nextcloud to harmonize and interrelate more directly.

I’d be curious to hear other thoughts on what possibilities can be imagined.


Coming back to this as Projects functionality is deprecated, but this remains unresolved.

Seems the idea for referencing linkable objects is now to use / as done in Slack, etc. See Ability to use # character to help reference any linkable object on the Nextcloud instance · Issue #31667 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

A functionality such as projects, is still needed to at least be considered in some manner. It is a worthwhile conversation to continue fwiw.

Linking over this post on better integrating calendars and contacts, since it is also a good example of ways for apps to work together. Nice suggestions.

Yeah, apparently that wasn’t a popular idea at all … :thinking: