Integration between Calendar app and Contacts app

Maybe it’s just me, but the integration (?) between the Calendar app and Contacts app seems to be slim to none in many aspects.

Calendar allows for on-the-fly adding of “contacts” (e-mail addresses) that are not present in the Contacts app. That’s fine, and as it should be IMHO.

Contacts app allows for adding and managing contacts, unless they’re created as on-the-fly “participants” to a Calendar event. Why is this? And is there a way around it?

If I add a participant to a Calendar event by typing the e-mail address, and that e-mail address is not found, the Calendar app seems to create a new contact and adds it to the “Recently contacted” (z-app-generated-contactsinteraction--recent) address book.

If I enter the same “unlisted” e-mail address again as a participant in another Calendar event, it seems like a “duplicate entry” is created, again in the same address book.

If I go to the Contacts app, these entries cannot be modified, deleted, or changed. Why?

If I go to the Contacts app and first add a contact, “John Doe”, that contact can then be used to add a participant to a Calendar event without any “side effects”.

What am I doing wrong?


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It seems a bug to me. have you tried to open an issue about it on github?

I have, and it’s here:

Basically, the “solution” is to disable “Contacts Interaction” (contactsinteraction).

What I don’t understand is:

a) The app “Contacts Interaction” is enabled by default
b) If it’s not needed, why is it enabled in the first place?

Oh well, the issue “went away” after disabling that particular app, but I don’t consider it a solution per se.