Webhooks App for custom integrations

Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you the Webhooks app that I have just released: Webhooks app

This app allows a Nextcloud instance to call an external service via a HTTP(S) POST request every time an event of a given type occurs. The idea behind it is that you may want to integrate Nextcloud with your own system so that it is notified about certain system events. Such system could for example interact with the Nextcloud instance i.e. via the OCS API upon receiving an incoming webhook. The app supports two kinds of events: the OCP ones (such us user logged in/logged out) as well as events triggered by an admin-defined Flow.

Feature requests and pull requests are welcome (GitHub repo)! I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Congratulations!!! This is totally awesome.

Are you using it in a similar manner to the Two Factor Gateway, for monitoring your logins and such in a different service?

It should make a fun companion for the Analytics app. And congratulations on Flow integration!!! Holy smokes, your screenshot says it all.


Wow, what a great app!