Let's Talk about Projects

Projects were introduced in Nextcloud 16, plus discussed here on the forums specifically.

Currently, Projects include:

  • files and folders
  • Deck boards
  • Talk conversations

Hopefully we will also be able to:


So I think what made finding decent documentation a bit difficult for me is that it seems that they changed the internal name for projects in the github to “collections” (or maybe collections is the original internal name?). Either way once I figured that out it made searching for links / documentation much easier.

Some links I found:

  • This seems to be where they added functionality to deck app, so maybe good place to start looking when thinking about adding “projects” functionality to other apps (if other people find better example of code that demonstrates this functionality in action, thats great!): added card project selection · nextcloud/deck@677123a · GitHub

Some other misk links:

I am not a developer but I really, really want more projects functionality, so I am going to do the following: