Nextcloud 16 allows you to link resources to keep track of your projects

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What files, tasks and chat sessions belong to a specific customer project? Nextcloud 16 introduces a feature that helps you and your team relate information across Nextcloud applications: Projects, which allow users to link different types of information together and quickly find related data.

As this release brings so many improvements, we’ve written 4 other blogs with more details about the main features:

Adding a file to a project Adding a file to a project

How it works

Users can add files, chats and other items to projects. The various apps will present these items in a list, allowing users to immediately jump to them. Projects are Nextcloud wide, that is, when a user shares files that are part of a project, the other user can see the project with the shared files. A click on any of the items in a project leads right to it, be it a chat, a file or a task.

Showing items connected to a project in Files
Showing items connected to a project in Files.
Projects in Talk
Project Starfish in Talk.
Showing items connected to a project in Files
Decks can be connected to projects as well.


When a user has added files to the project which are not shared, the other users won’t see those. This means that you can add files, tasks, calendars, emails and more to a shared project but keep them to yourself, sharing is not automatic! You can have a chat with only one other team member, connect it to the project, and only when you invite the rest of the team will they see the chat appear in their project content list.


Currently, Projects are supported in Talk, Deck and Files. Other apps are expected to add support over the coming months.


Very interesting! Seems there is cross over between the new projects design and the Circles app! Have you considered integrating with the Circles app? Would be a great way to increase sharing between users. A concentrated project view is exactly what Circles needs…

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There is the idea to consolidate any forms of grouping for 17.

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Hmm, do you have examples or links to such discussion of consolidation on Github? Interesting!

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Thank you! Would be super interesting if file and folder Comments could be included in projects, especially if comments incorporated working federation between Nextcloud instances.

Also would be interesting to allow ActivityPub messages from the Social app, or add ActivityPub followers to a project.

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Thank you, this is great we are looking forward to the ACL for Group Folders. Definitely going to help more enterprises with there “FileServer” structure.

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would be good if desktop sync client had knowledge of projects somehow as well.

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Maybe I have a configuration error somewhere, but I’m unable to create Projects and I have not seen where should I do it, maybe an update on the Documentation is needed.

On the share menu I see the Add to project option but when I try to link anything it does not found projects and if I use a new name the front end prints the message Failed to create a project.

I’ll appreciate any hints, as the functionality seems interesting.

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I think there is still room for optimizations :wink: To create a project you have to open the files app, select the share button behind a file, select Add to a project > Link with a file > Select a second file, which should also be part of the project > Select.
After that you will see a newly create project with the name of the first selected file, e.g. 20190501_122354.jpg. To give it a rememberable name, you have to click on the breadcrumb menu behind that project and select Rename project - That’s it.


That’s what I tried and instead of creating the project the answer is Failed to create a project.

This instance has been upgraded from 15.0.7, maybe I need to update something else or adjust a configuration parameter?

I also upgraded from 15.0.7, and it worked ok. Try to link a file to a deck instead - maybe that will give you the project support (just guessing but give it a try).

I agree the project system needs more options and UI, but the idea is great so looking forward for support from more apps for this. Especially tasks/calendar/contacts :slight_smile:

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This feature is very useful, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
Are there plans to integrate an overview for existing projects? This would probably be useful, since you want to “manage” projects. I could image this on the left side of the files app, like “tags” or “shares” a button “projects”.


Erm. Is there actually a way to get a lost of projects?
And the way to create a project is not exactly straightforward. I linked two files, which gave me something with the name of that file; and that, it turns out, was a project.
It would be nice if projects had their own icon type and a project admin app to tie things together.


Good point.
I’m also looking for a possibility to deactivate this feature completely.
But there are no settings, no overview, nothing…

I totally agree with the last three posts. In addition to that I think that sharing the documents in a project needs to become much more convenient. I like the idea that not all documents are shared with all project members by default, however in a lot of cases this would be the expected behavior. So I think it would be very helpful to get an overview of all resources of a project (at least the ones that are visible to myself) and the people the respective resource had been shared with. Otherwise it is totally unclear if all project members see the same documents or if someone forgot to share something with a part of that group. Actually it would be great to have a “share with all project members” option when you add a resource to a project so that resources would be automatically shared with future new project members as well (like with group folders). Also this could mean that files that are removed from a project are also no longer shared.

Feature request filed for adding automation to Projects via the Workflow scripting app.

Example: Adding system tag to a file will add it to a project. Removing the tag removes the file from the project.

Also, see this discussion on adding a dedicated Project Manager within Nextcloud.

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Thank you so much. You are right : there is still room for optimizations. This is nicely said. Now I understand and will use the project management. This is great !
May be creating this way a projet make sens after all.

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