[Testers Needed] Nextcloud Social - Federating with ActivityPub and Diaspora* social networks!

Nextcloud Social is a new app in alpha testing! It is currently developing deeper ActivityPub inegration so you can connect with other federated social networks: Hubzilla, Mastodon, Pleroma, Peertube, PixelFed. Diaspora* protocol will add support for SocialHome and others! This kind of integration has been discussed many times!


What is “must run on the default port”?

@ucarkamon port 443, https.

It means you’ll need to be running Nextcloud 15 and make your Nextcloud instance accessible to the world wide web over https on port 443 as @Cult mentioned. This will allow other federated services (Mastodon, Pleroma, Hubzilla, etc.) to be able to find and federate with your Nextcloud instance.


This is awesome! Will try it as soon as I can.

just installed, it works so far but as I try to follow somebody else on another server (mastodon instance) nothing happens, same when I try to find someone else… what I am missing?

This is still alpha quality software, so be sure to check and report issues to the project Github.


Is this the issue you are encountering?


solved my problem…

Hopefully soon I can update my installation. Currently only 14 is offered as the latest version in the admin interface. After this had been done, I can do intense testing with Friendica, which offers ActivityPub in the upcoming version as well.

In preparation to this tests, possibly a developer of this app can answer some question?

  • which activities (“Create”, “Announce”, “Like”, “Dislike”, “Update”, “Delete”, “Accept”, …) are supported?
  • which content types (“Note”, “Article”, “Video”, “Image”, “Event”, …) are supported?
  • which account types (“Person”, “Organization”, “Service”, …) are supported?
  • Are linked signatures used? If yes: Which library is used for this?
  • How is the receiving comment distribution done? Does the receiver relay the received comments if it was the receiver’s post that started the thread?
  • Does the app accept posts that are relayed (means: the http signature is not done by the actor)?
  • Does the app fetches missing posts, when a comment arrives to a post that isn’t currently available at the system?

If the answer to some of the questions is “no”, I would like to offer my support. I had implemented AP for Friendica: https://github.com/friendica/friendica/tree/2018.12-rc/src/Protocol/ActivityPub

If someone from the developer team of this app is at the C3 in Leipzig, I really would like to get in contact there.

P.S.: I hope that some more developers of AP implementations will be at the C3, I really would like to get in contact with them, so that we could better work at improving federation issues.

You are everywhere, aren’t you @heluecht ? :slight_smile:
If you need me to do some tests just tell me. I’m on NC 15 with social app enabled. And I can tell you at the moment it doesn’t work with Friendica.

Meh …

Could you please try to follow my account and tell me yours? Then we could exchange some test data.

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Did you get my post? I followed you.

Pull request is done: https://github.com/friendica/friendica/pull/6277

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Nice and quick. :grinning:

PR is merged, please update your system and try again.

this limitation to port 443 means that my installation running on docker on a NAS will not be able to use Social app.

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Tested the latest version with Hubzilla… post show up on Hubzilla but not vice versa. Any idea what might be causing this?

Could you slap a reverse proxy like nginx or traefik in front of it? That’s what most people do, I’d reckon, at least that’s what I do.

Its Port 8443