Video/large file hosting using PeerTube (also federates through ActivityPub) and related ideas

This open source video sharing app could be quite interesting to integrate (needs node.js though) or replicate in Nextcloud:

It basically hosts a video file in a federated way through ActivityPub… so similar to how file federation works in Nextcloud, but in addition it enables a browser based P2P (torrent based using ) connection to lower the strain to the server.

This is used for video streaming, but could also be used to host large files that are downloaded frequently (Linux distribution images or so…) etc.

This seems like a very interesting concept that would also fall right into the core feature set of Nextcloud AND (!) given the P2P nature this concept should allow for local file sharing similar to how Dropbox seems to do, i.e. if there are two persons in a LAN sharing a file, there is no need to download it slowly from the server, but rather can be directly shared from user 1 to user 2 through the much faster LAN connection utilizing the efficient bittorrent protocol. Of course that would probably need a separate non-browser based implementation in the NC desktop and mobile client.