Tags Discussion - Support system wide tagging across all Official Nextcloud apps

See this Nextcloud server request of tagging across all apps. Could make an excellent compliment to recently announced Projects functionality in Nextcloud 16 + the automation of workflows via tagging that will be available in Nextcloud 18.

Direct quote from the Github request for system wide tags across all apps:

I would like to be consistent:

  • Have tags everywhere, thus allowing to have many tags for one object
  • Tags list being shared between apps.

Additional context

  • This will allow a consistent taxonomy on your objects (tasks, bookmarks, …)
  • This will induce a capability to find all objects related to a tag.

I use the tag recipe to track my recipes, and the tag cooking for the things to try in the kitchen
I have a pdf of a recipe, which I tag with cooking and recipe
I pasted another recipe in a note, which I only tag recipe because I already did it with my mother last week.
I bookmarked a third recipe, and tag it with cooking and recipe
I uploaded a photo of a recipe from a book taken during a trip in Italy, which I tag with cooking and recipe
I create a task Schedule invitations for cooking tag which I tag with cooking

We may then envision to have a global tag search, so that if I search for tag cooking , it will show me all the objects tagged with it (files, photos, tasks, bookmarks, notes).


Sounds good to me.
I’m wondering if the just-arrived Projects feature is becoming obsolete then already.

Interesting idea!
What would be the differences to Projects?

System wide tagging does not yet integrate across the core apps. So, this concept has made nothing obsolete. It is just a discussion. :slight_smile:

If it exists, it could work nicely as a way to add and remove things from projects. Projects are for grouping files & app functionality like talk discussions. Hopefully, they will all integrate together eventually.

Beyond the technicalities, I imagine project as bags that can contain all I need for a short period. They differ from the directories which are like wardrobes: the objects in there should be more static and more ordered.

Tags are like labels: useful for a categorization.

I imagine that I’d open a project to look what is inside.
I imagine also that I’d look at an object (file, contact, …) and see which characteristics it has by looking at the tags

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