Share tags with Files app

Considering submitting a feature request to the GitHub repo for this, but let’s just ask here, first… :blush:

Both the Files :file_folder: app and the Bookmarks :bookmark: app support tags :label: , but they don’t share their list. At least, I have done some tests and haven’t succeeded.

What I would really like is, that any tag I use somewhere within my Nextcloud, is shared across all apps from the Appstore. And that a search for a tag is done globally across all data in my Nextcloud account.

So question for @marcelklehr is, would it be possible to re-use the tags from the Files app in the Bookmarks app?

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I guess you can have a look here:

I think I didn’t search enough:

The global search aspect, if possible, would most likely be via Full Text Search - Bookmarks, which has not seen any updates since 15. Unclear on their repo if more development is planned.