Third RC of Nextcloud 29

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Changelog (from RC2)


I have Nextcloud 29 rc2 installed. When using the web-based updater, I see:


To login you need to provide the unhashed value of “updater.secret” in your config file.

If you don’t know that value, you can access this updater directly via the Nextcloud admin screen or generate your own secret:

php -r '$password = trim(shell_exec("openssl rand -base64 48")); if (strlen($password) === 64) {$hash = password_hash($password, PASSWORD_DEFAULT) . "\n"; echo "Insert as \"updater.secret\": ".$hash; echo "The plaintext value is: ".$password."\n";} else {echo "Could not execute OpenSSL.\n";};'

I’ve never seen this on any previous update.
After retrying a few times it worked … without changing anything.

Possible that you were running the updater in another tab (or having it open)?

If that not works look in your config.php maybe the secret-value is gone. You can create new values with the posted php command or with php in a website. Read here.

documentation config.php

I’m still seeing the CPU graph being blank. I’m also seeing overlapping buttons in the “your apps” area – “allow untested app” and “remove” are on top of one another if the web browser window is not quite wide enough to fit them both.

Click on edit a picure closes the pic with the message:


I’m still on RC 2 and for me it opens an editor. However I have the Photos app installed.

It also seems to keep logging me out more frequently than previous versions (e.g. NC28). And if something weird happens in the new apps area, often I have to log in again.

@danddc Don’t hesitate to report your issues directly to the bug tracker on github. Or open a topic here (tag with NC29 and beta) and provide a bit more information, e.g. if you find errors in the logs. And try to quantify, or if something looks “weird”, a screenshot might help.

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I could reproduce this in my system and submitted a bug report:

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