Fifth beta of Nextcloud 29

The fifth beta of Nextcloud 29 is now available on our download server! :rocket:

As always, help with testing is very much welcome!
If you notice anything out of order, please report back on the appropriate GitHub repository! :bowing_woman:

Next (and hopefully last) beta is planned for next week. Stay tuned!



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Thanks! And thanks to all who are working to create such a useful tool.

I have a semi-related (and maybe not so smart) question … I know where to find the release schedule, and I know where to find the individual tasks that are going into the releases, but I haven’t found a place that summarizes what the general intent or theme of each major release will be. The GitHub milestones don’t seem to have that kind of summary information available. That information is well documented after the release, but I’m curious if there’s a summary of the major changes or new features that are planned.

That is always released on the release date in some kind of event.

At this stage it is only Internal at Nextcloud. It is not something that is public (except for the changelogs)

OK, thanks. I guess the mystery serves its purposes. :smile: However, it seems to sort of hinder the testing in a sense, since it’s a bit more unclear at to figure out what to be testing.

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Test the functionality you find. Especially old functionally you use, so that there are no regressions or new features that breaks old ones.

This is the main thing to test. A new feature can always not be used, but if a link share breaks or calendar doesn’t work and similar then it’s not good at all


If you decide to check the Alphas or Betas, the main thing you are looking for is if they break things. Not so much what is there, but what there isn’t, due to something failing/errors.

This is why it is suggested to never use these in production environments.

Is it not more likely that you break stuff where you did the changes? Also the new features are a nice incentive to test new versions, just check-boxing that everything still works… for myself I wait for the official release, and do some testing then.

Yes, those type of breakages can happen too. But anyone who has tried the beta’s or RCs knows that is not always the case.

In theory? Sure, possible new features is a draw, but more than once Devs has stated that they will not highlight what those are, if any, until some Marketing event, which I can see why they would want to do that, too. So most testers may go sort of blind, unless there is a specific/highlighted Feature in the logs.