First beta of Nextcloud 29

The first beta of Nextcloud 29 is now available on our download server! :rocket:

As always, help with testing is very much welcome!
If you notice anything out of order, please report back on the appropriate github repository! :bowing_woman:

We will follow up with frequent betas over the next weeks.


Rough changelog


Rough Changelog ctd.

Rough Changelog ctd.


There are some critical bugs (like the calendar not sending invites or office documeten not being opened) that are not solved for months.

Maybe the urgent task would be to fix the basics before piling up technical versions ?


I was facing some technical bugs

Hi @grosjo

as you may or may not expect we would always have to balance things, so features and fixes. Can you point me to Github issues reflecting these two issues you mentioned. Than I can discuss them with engineers. On this very general statement regarding the existence of these issues I can only say (at the moment) that both aspects work just fine on our v28 instance, so they are definitely not generally broken - which doesn’t mean there aren’t issues and you are facing issues.

Hi @gfyyyhjhg322

could you elaborate a bit on the specifics of the technical issues you faced or best case report them to Issues · nextcloud/server · GitHub

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Trying to shorten the list to see the more relevant changes:

  • (dashboard): Lower error to info log message (server#42768)
  • +files_metadata_installed (server#42019)
  • Adapt focus-visible styles for checkboxes on images (photos#2196)
  • Adapt heading relied on the navigation item (activity#1512)
  • Add .aac mime type mapping (server#42542)
  • Add OCC comand add-photo-to-album (photos#2172)
  • Add OpenAPI scopes (server#42888)
  • Add RichObject support for SetupCheck descriptions (server#42585)
  • Add a debug option to force a full filesystem setup (server#41910)
  • Add app-based filtering to global search (server#41669)
  • Add command to scan external storages directly (server#25109) 1
  • Add config to select source directories (photos#2319)
  • Add global accessibility switch (server#42353)
  • Add interactive flag to reference widgets (text#5313)
  • Add live photo support based on files metadata (viewer#2103)
  • Add settings section type attribute on settings app-content section (server#42590)
  • Add user:keys:verify command (server#43646)
  • Allow application to pass external links in navigation (server#43251)
  • Allow to hide “People” nav entry for admin (photos#2228)
  • Also sort by getlastmodified when searching for photos (photos#2226)
  • Always catch OCP versions of authentication exceptions (server#42640)
  • Always emit search event (server#41771)
  • AppAPI: allow to bypass Two-Factor (server#42479)
  • AppConfig: returns default on exception (server#42844)
  • Better users cycle (server#42667)
  • Blurhash generation (server#41044)
  • Buffer chunked requests (server#43047)
  • Cache path by id (server#43471)
  • Catch and log error thrown while parsing dates from metadata (photos#2186)
  • Check share status when touching versions (server#43727)
  • Collaboration, MailPlugin: Protect access to a potentially missing array component by (server#30957)
  • Consider admin defaults when creating shares (server#43024)
  • Correct values and attributes (server#43028)
  • Create block-merge-freeze.yml and block-merge-eol.yml (bruteforcesettings#529)
  • Create right list for activity links (activity#1448)
  • Create source directory if it does not exists (photos#2376)
  • Demo for OpenAPI scopes (notifications#1707)
  • Do not break personal settings page is viewer is not there (server#43435)
  • Don’t query oc_properties for metadata props (server#42350)
  • Don’t write back .htaccess file on a RO filesystem (server#42298)
  • Enable AppFramework dispatcher to enforce integer ranges (server#41578)
  • Enable new global search by default (server#41729)
  • Enh(NavigationManager): Use ID as fallback for app property of entries (server#42055)
  • Enh(OCP\SpeechToText): Introduce ISpeechToTextProviderWithUserId (server#42761)
  • Enh(OCP\TextToImage): Introduce IProviderWithUserId (server#42762)
  • Enh(OCP\Translation): Add ITranslationProviderWithId (server#42649)
  • Enh(OCP\Translation): Add missing ITranslationProviderWithId check (server#42760)
  • Enh(SpeechToText): Allow providers to declare a dynamic ID instead of using className (server#41087)
  • Enh(TextProcessing): Allow providers and task types to declare a dynamic ID instead of using className (server#41088)
  • Enh(UnifiedSearch): Keep the searchbar on top of the modal (server#42184)
  • Enh(a11y): Add navigation labels (server#42077)
  • Enh(a11y): Make privacy markup accessible (privacy#992)
  • Enh(a11y): improved contrast on user menu (server#42856)
  • Enh(appconfig): debug logs on lazy loadConfig (server#43424)
  • Enh(core): replaced previous native a element with NcButton (server#42636)
  • Enh(dashboard): changed h1 to say Dashboard instead of Nextcloud (server#42381)
  • Enh(files): Allow to copy files into same directory (server#42889)
  • Enh(files): added ability to escape out of all selection when focused (server#42415)
  • Enh(files): made breadcrumb component lang=ts (server#42513)
  • Enh(files_reminders): Allow clearing reminders (server#43560)
  • Enh(log): exit log() earlier if no crashreport registered (server#43529)
  • Enh(oauth2): allowed toggling of aria label (server#42132)
  • Enh(settings): Add SetupCheck to ensure webserver correctly serves .mjs files (server#42436)
  • Enh(settings): Set main page heading (server#42112)
  • Enh(sharing): enable unsharing for sharees for DAV shares (server#43117)
  • Enh/preview links (text#5399)
  • Enh: Add navigation label (activity#1450)
  • Enh: Add navigation label (photos#2183)
  • Enh: Implement PrimaryReadReplicaConnection (server#41998)
  • Enh: breadcrumbs icons are now more visually descriptive (server#43604)
  • Ensure share has download permissions in F2V (server#41685)
  • Exceptions on their own (server#42847)
  • Feat(AppFramework): Add Route attribute (server#42801)
  • Feat(CI): Utilize low-resource pool for changes and summaries (server#43345)
  • Feat(LDAP): implement IIsAdmin interface (server#41650)
  • Feat(appconfig): Automatically store “sensitive” appconfigs encrypted in the database (server#43114) 1
  • Feat(core): Expose the confirm password endpoint (server#43668)
  • Feat(cron): Warn on excessive memory consumption in background jobs (server#42391)
  • Feat(dav): dispatch out-of-office started and ended events (server#41440)
  • Feat(dav): hide search providers if their respective app is not activated (server#41738)
  • Feat(db): Add index on device identifier for quicker deletion (notifications#1806)
  • Feat(db): Make dirty query logging available in production (server#43185)
  • Feat(editor): Enable gapcursor, allows to put cursor between images (text#5095)
  • Feat(files): add Viewer Files ressource handler (server#44012)
  • Feat(files): add batch support to copy-move (server#42124)
  • Feat(files): ask for confirm if deleting 5 items or more (server#43231) 1
  • Feat(occ): add possibility to edit indices (server#43209)
  • Feat(out-of-office): Add OCS endpoint to set and clear absence (server#41957)
  • Feat(perf): add cache for authtoken lookup (server#43057)
  • Feat(search): allows to search files by path (server#43860)
  • Feat(settings): Make the AppScore component to use SVG icons (server#44028)
  • Feat(settings): add JavaScript Source Maps support setup check (server#44022)
  • Feat(settings): add occ commands to handle admin delegation (server#42064)
  • Feat(setupcheck): Add setup check for maintenance_window_start config (server#42241)
  • Feat(share): save date and time for expiration (server#43428)
  • Feat(theming): Provide CSS variable for favorite color and adjust for dark mode (server#44034)
  • Feat(user_status): Add online status type for OpenAPI (server#42527)
  • Feat(viewer): allow async handler components (viewer#2077)
  • Feat(workflows): add block-merge-freeze.yml (suspicious_login#851)
  • Feat/4750 Make code type fields copyable (text#5395)
  • Feat: Add psalm workflow and adjust code (firstrunwizard#1105)
  • Feat: Allow pasting log entries (logreader#1040)
  • Feat: Allow registration of advanced external share actions (server#43882)
  • Feat: Create filter-plugin architecture for unified search (server#43189)
  • Feat: Email option in occ user:add command (server#40726)
  • Feat: Implement teams dashboard widget (circles#1510)
  • Feat: Make the app-level a component (AppLevelBadge) (server#43770)
  • Feat: Print early exceptions in debug mode instead of plain error pages (server#42045)
  • Feat: Rename circles to teams (server#44007)
  • Feat: Rename to teams (circles#1512)
  • Feat: Restore unified search filtering in files view (server#43665)
  • Feat: Ship downloadlimit (server#44040) 1
  • Feat: Store last known quota usage for a user (server#43996)
  • Feat: Track dirty table writes and long transactions (server#42345)
  • Feat: add block-unconventional-commits workflow (server#43444)
  • Feat: add labels to textarea elements in translate modal (text#5234)
  • Feat: added l10n translation prop to calendar component (server#43656)
  • Feat: added new action for qrcode popup on link-share actions (server#43774)
  • Feat: allow limit unified search to folder (server#43963) 1
  • Feat: check and apply markdown for smart picker output (text#5106)
  • Feat: handle assistant sync task (text#5269)
  • Feat: switch to native browser tooltips (text#5174)
  • Feat: theme error page (server#39122)
  • Feature(files): Hide breadcrumbs when an upload is ongoing on narrow screen #40942 (server#43325)
  • Feature: personal file view (server#43211)
  • Feature: set log level via settings UI (logreader#1027) 1
  • Filter out large EXIF entries (photos#2280)
  • Focus global search input on open (server#41652)
  • Full uppercase const (server#39276)
  • Handle close GlobalSearchModal gracefully (server#41792)
  • Handle more cases in the MergeDistributive search query optimizer (server#43975)
  • Handle storage not available when expiring versions (server#43078)
  • Harmonize paddings to make links not truncated (activity#1482)
  • Implement team provider api (server#43855)
  • Include grid view toggle in accessibility switch (server#42634)
  • InitMetadata on a repair step (photos#2344)
  • Just because an array key doesn’t imply the value at that key isn’t null. (photos#2279)
  • Link bubble menu to preview and edit links (text#5158)
  • Lower failed movie preview generation logs to level info (server#42991)
  • MailQueueHandler: Catch provider errors (activity#1545)
  • Make failure to load app commands non-fatal (server#42811)
  • Merge sqlite check to database check (server#41535)
  • Move modal outside of the Version component. (server#43084)
  • New core setting : shareapi_only_share_with_group_members_exclude_gro… (server#38173)
  • Occ background-job:delete (server#42670)
  • Only do a multipart s3 copy when above the regular copy limit (server#41914) 1
  • Only get the path for the users cached mount info when we use it (server#43426)
  • Optimize query pattern used by storage filter (server#40555)
  • Order collections files by taken date (photos#2227)
  • Perf(dashboard): Stop loading the viewer on the dashboard (server#43407)
  • Perf: Only query the db once for trusted servers (server#42033)
  • Perf: Use more performant way to obtain and check the email as a login name with token login (server#41927)
  • Perf: skip request without read permission (server#43664)
  • Public dav endpoint v2 (server#32400)
  • Re-do not break personal settings page is viewer is not there (server#43476)
  • Regular db pings to reconnect after timed out connections (server#41819)
  • Rename users to account or person (server#34178)
  • Rename “global search” to “unified search” (server#42094)
  • Replace input filed with password field and added password error message (server#42030)
  • Replacing “To-dos” with “Tasks” to fit wording in Calendar (server#39750)
  • Request background job to generate metadata on non-local files (photos#2244)
  • Restore shared lock ttl to previous value when releasing (server#37469)
  • Return false on AppConfigUnknownKeyException (server#43275)
  • Rich workspace polishing (text#5021)
  • SMB: allow to list root directory when using case-insensitive option (server#43349)
  • Set a default and max ttl for redis keys (server#38562)
  • SharingEntrySimple needs ul or ol around it (server#42709)
  • Show title and close of modal inline (photos#2175)
  • Sidebar: allow turning off tags view by default (server#40939)
  • Skip instead of throwing on invalid DAV data migration (server#32466)
  • Stop the auto-logout loop after redirecting to the logout page (server#43701)
  • Sync with new OCP\IAppConfig (server#43132)
  • Synchronize operation on live photo files (server#41765)
  • Techdebt(Middleware): Add more specific array types so its clickable in IDEs (server#41931)
  • Tooltip outside click, should abort share creation (server#42126)
  • Unified search improvements (server#42167)
  • Use AccountPlusIcon in broadcrombs (server#43433)
  • Use Dependency Injection in register_commands.php (server#43203)
  • Use FileInfo’s metadata for hidden prop (server#42349)
  • Use OCP\Util::getL10N instead of OC::$server->getL10N (server#40633)
  • Use lazy user in UserMountCache for getting user for cached mount instead of duplicating logic (server#43437)
  • [IAppConfig] returns non lazy value while searching for lazy one (server#43247)
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Notice I now get randomly logged out of Nextcloud. I were to sit in Talk for example, just wait 10 mins or so. It’s logged out and I have to re-log into Nextcloud all over.

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Hi Andy

THis is generally broken, and I already asked my team to move out of Nextcloud as unusable for now, until something comes to fix it

Calendar :

Calendar :

For the office documents, it has never worked since v 14 or 15, nobody seems caring about this

and so on and so forth

would reallly be great to fix the basics on existing version before anything


Maybe because it is not reproducible for the developers? All I can say is that I have no issues opening Office documents on my instance.

And what exactly do you mean by “For the Office documents, it has never worked since v14 or 15”?

  • Attachments of calendar entries or emails, or not at all?
  • What Office integration are you using? Nextcloud Office/Collabora or OnlyOffice.
  • How is the document server installed? Built-in server (from Nextcloud App Store) or external server?
  • If you are using an external document server, how is it installed? Distro package manager or Docker?

Also, have you ever opened a forum post and/or GitHub issue about this and provided details about your system, configuration, and logs? If not, it will be difficult or impossible to help you.

I think this is the wrong thread to document bugs.

For me in “Nextcloud beta 1” no pictures are displayed in the app “Photos” (in “Files” it works). In"All media", “Photos”, “Videos”, … text is “No photos or videos in here”. Test instance does not use any additional apps. Also new uploaded images are not displayed.

But maybe this is an individual problem. It certainly worked before. “Photos” has version “2.5.0”.

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I will document that during the weekend

WHat about the dysfunctional Calendar ?

Sorry, can’t comment on these because I don’t use the specific features you mentioned. I only have two users (me and my girlfriend) and we simply have shared our calendars to one another and do not send each other invitations for meetings :wink:

Great! I am excited about this project.

Agreed, best would always be the respective Github issue tracker, i.e. Sign in to GitHub · GitHub for photos-app related issues and adding the label “29-feedback” to it.

I’ll check on the items you referenced with the engineers. However some seem to be bugs in the sense of (broken but worked before) and some are “not working as expected by reporters” which may or may not be a bug or dysfunctional (not saying it is the way it should be, just that there are various angles to look a behavior of functionality - sounds very complicated and political, sorry bout that, not meant that way)

@Spurge420 can you please report that to Sign in to GitHub · GitHub - that would be highly appreciated :pray:

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Photos work for me in photos and files app on a v28.03->29.0.0beta1 updated instance


Can you please create a dedicated forum post (i.e. not this one) with your environment’s details? I don’t see any posts on this topic in your history.

I have an NGINX setup using the config template that was current for NC28. I see this and similar warnings in /settings/admin/overview:

Could not check that the data directory is protected. Please check manually that your server does not allow access to the data directory. To allow this check to run you have to make sure that your webserver can connect to itself. Therefor it must be able to resolve and connect to at least one its trusted_domains or the overwrite.cli.url.

However, the settings are correct in config/config.php:

  'datadirectory' => '/path/not/within/document_root',
  'trusted_domains' =>
  array (
    0 => '',
  'overwrite.cli.url' => '',

EDIT/Solution: Parameter order was wrong, fixed on master, see commit (as pointed to in another thread).

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