Nextcloud 13 Brings Improved UI, Video and Text Chat, End-to-end Encryption, Improved performance and more

Where can I find Windows desktop client with E2EE? :slight_smile:

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Thnx, I missed that :slight_smile:

Is it already known when Nextcloud 13 will be available through the stable channel?

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Since 2 or 3 days, it’s stable?

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Especially these major updates are pushed out in stages. I don’t know what the criteria are, but for me it feels like it is by chance, so sometimes you get the update over the updater immediately, sometimes you’ll have to wait some days or mostly weeks, sometimes until the next point release.

You’ll see above in this thread, that you can’t affect (or not that I know of), weather you get the update in the stable channel or not.

But, there is a little workaround: In the days of the major update, the beta channel contains the stable major release. So you can “force” the update, by switching to the beta channel, do the update and then switch back to the stable channel.

But also note, that this behavior of staged updates is intended, because sometimes, even the push of an update is paused because a bigger bug has been found in the new version. Then the next update push will start with the next point release and again mostly staged of course. So if you hadn’t the possibility to update, you were able to avoid a bad bug in this case.
See as example when NC12 came out: NC12 Updater stable release

So in general there is no reason to rush an update, but if you really want to because you want to test or try new features, you can do the mentioned trick with temporarily switching to beta channel or update manually the version via occ or even more manually by deploying the downloaded zip on the server.

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I’m new at this sorry for stupid question - can someone please point me to how I upgrade from v 12 to this new one?
I tried to upgrade to 12.0.4 and have errors there too.


If you encounter display problems, you can clear the server cache manually (fix will be in 13.0.1):

Performance improvements for sharing feature can already be use in NC 13:

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I submitted a report.

I excepted the Talk app too from optimizations yet only the Nextcloud app receives the notification.

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Using the latest pre-release E2EE linux desktop client with NC 13.0 on Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS , I am getting the error “Could not read system exclude file” and files are not getting synced. Can somebody help me with a way to resolve this issue

Put chmod correctly to all folder

Checking out that page I learn about its pricing:

Starting at EUR 5000/USD 6000 per year

That’s quite a bit of money I would say.

This is an enterprise product and for a large enterprise that amount is

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If it’s nothing for you, pls send money @ my PP ACC, BR :wink:

These prices are for (bigger) companies, which want to have professional support and not rely on a community of private people who answer when they have time (or are in a good mood :stuck_out_tongue: ).
To have an employed person take care of your software and probable the whole setup, this person needs to be paid adequate (as well as the equipment he needs).

Compared to the license and the support fees we have to pay for our software, Nextcloud is not too expensive.

However for private persons it shouldn’t be necessary to buy professional support. The community is pretty good already :wink:


Only problem is, as always, the support for smaller companies. For <10-20 employees, it is still a lot of money.

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