After update to NC 13, client tries to delete folders

Hi, after starting the upgrade from the Web page not command line I get a message: “Remove All Files?”, “All the files in your local sync folder… were deleted…”

(The message came from the Windows app on my PC)

  1. They are all still there. No files were deleted.
  2. It asks me to “Keep files” or “Remove files”. I don’t know what I’m supposed to click.
  3. I use Nextcloud as a gateway to my MS shares. I’m only connecting Nextcloud to my shares using SMB app. I have no local files on the Nextcloud server.
  4. The message is referring to 1 existing folder on the MS Share that is sync on my own Windows 10PC using the Windows app.
  5. The upgrade seems to be done and I am at ver 13.0.0

I took a backup of the files but I will wait for advise before clicking any of the 2 choices

All files have been deleted in a folder that is set for sync.
You can sync (deleting your files locally), or keep the files if they were deleted by mistake

No. I’ve checked. They are only at 2 places. There is the source folder and the client folder. All files are there. Nothing missing. When I go see on the web page I see all the files there too.

I am still at the testing phase. I only install the Windows app on 1 PC (mine). And I’m only syncing 4 Shares on 1 MS file server (SMB)
Again, I am not syncing on the Nextcloud server. I connect the Nextcloud server to the file server and then sync with the client passing through the Nextcloud server.

So I clicked on “Remove all files” and, as I suspected, nothing happened. All files are still there. I exited the app, re-opened it. It synced and no files deleted.

I am pretty sure this is a glitch. That message should not have appeared.

Feel free to report this issue to the client repo:

I get this often now, but only on windows 10 machines. exit the app and restart it… nothing happens and all files are in sync.