[Nextant] Full-Text Search within all your files, including external storage and shared documents (text, pdf, jpeg, bookmarks, ...)

   Navigate through your cloud using Solr

Nextant will :

  • Indexes your files,
  • Indexes your bookmarks,
  • Indexes your shared documents and deleted files (trash bin),
  • If needed, will OCR your stuff,
  • perform fast and concise full-text search,
  • display results integrated to the Files apps.

Recognized file format:

  • plain text,
  • rtf,
  • html,
  • openoffice,
  • microsoft office,
  • image JPEG and TIFF (will requiert Tesseract installed)
  • old pdf (will also requiert Tesseract) [work in progress]


Note: Indexing requiert a descent amount of ressources.
I am aware that some of you are running nextcloud on single-board computer (Raspberry Pi, oDroid, …) and I have no way to tell you if Solr is running fine on that kind of equipment.

Also, more docs are now available on the Wiki:



  • search within federated documents
  • search within shared-link documents, both public and private (w/ key)
  • admin can choose to add files and directory structure to improve search
  • mid, mp3 and flac are now indexed.
  • index/search improved
  • minor bugfixes



  • fixing an issue with federated cloud sharing
  • fixing an issue when indexing java source stored in the trashbin
  • add --user option in ./occ nextant:index


  • Beta 2
  • New Admin UI
  • Complete rewrite of the index core engine using IndexService and QueueService
  • ./occ nextant:live

Does anyone have public demo of Nextant?

I’m looking for any solution, which would enable search functionality for NON-LOGGED users. Can Nextant do it?

The way I want it to work:
I’m sharing (publishing) folder of files, and want general public to be able to search for files in that share without them being users of my NextCloud.

This can be done, can you create an issue/feature request: https://github.com/nextcloud/nextant/issues ?

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Also, I have similar project for this task on Upwork:

I’ll be happy to grant it to you, if you are interested.

@SlavikCA :

I just saw your link about upwork, are you saying you wish to pay for this feature ? (I am up for it !)

Also, you’re talking about music sheet, do you have any data to extract from that kind of document ?

There are lyrics on them…
For example:

I’ll try Nextant, when the next version is released.

I sent you email about payment.

Nextant looks very useful - we’re helping a client migrate from an EoL document management system where a complaint was the full text search was very powerful - but so powerful/techie that hardly anyone could figure out how to search with filters (file type only/exclude, phrases, words to exclude etc.), which rendered the results mostly noise. Is there any tips for end users how to filter results from Nextant search?

The search is a little buggy anyway. The two most useful filter tools, like in google, are -term to exclude results that have the word occurring and "term1 term2" to get the exact string that is entered.

Hi guys, can you help me to configure Nextant in Nexcloud?
Cause I got some errors, here is the screenshots:

And when I try to follow setup configuration from this link Home · nextcloud/fulltextsearch Wiki · GitHub I got the following error:

But, I can access Solr page directly through url like this

Does Solr and nextcloud running on the same computer ?

Yes of course.

Can you connect to the Solr from the server itself (as local) ?

Here is the result

When I access Solr from it’s gui through URL in the browser, it says that there is no core available/configured.

So what should I do next?

Thanks for your help.

Did you do this?

Also solr service status please

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any idea if / when this feature will be released? I am looking for it.

Thanks a lot.