Nextant 0.10.2 - Small Board Computer & NC11 compatible

What is nextant !?


  • To make nextant working fine on single-board computers, admin can now choose between 3 levels of performance: High, Low, Lower.
  • compatible NC11
  • bugfixes

Few changes in the schema of the Solr core, which means that you should re-index your files:

./occ nextant:clear
./occ nextant:check --fix
./occ nextant:index [--debug]

Nextant on Small Board Computer

There is 3 level of performance: High / Low / Lower.
High and Low are not affecting your file index, but you might notice a descent difference between both.
Lower will change a lot to the index as it won’t store your files, just index them. The cons is that you won’t have any extract of your file when displaying the result. But this might be the only way to index/search a lot of files on a small box :-]

If even after switching to Low Performance your searches are still slow, you should set the performance to ‘Lower’. If it is still laggy, re-index your files (first clear, then index) with the performance set to ‘Lower’.