Nextant 0.6.5 - Faster index, better display

What is nextant !?

The commit when indexing is improved, meaning that first index should (will) be a lot faster. This will also avoid the creation of too many segments in your index. The index:optimize command is also improved and you should use this one when your feel like having too many segments (or index/search are slower)

nextant:check display your segments,
Admin UI shows also the number of segments of your index.


  • Optimized Index/Extract/Commit
  • complete debug information while indexing
  • better nextant:optimize
  • live queueID is now unique and generated on-the-fly, fixing an issue when more than one cloud is running on the same server.
  • File Filters (#58)
  • fixed home link (#60)
  • search suggestion in public link (#59)
  • “double-quote in search”
  • -exclude +force_include in search.


  • The display of the search result might still be a little funky. (#54)
  • Errors with some HTML in search result. (#63)


Thank you for another release.

I started ./occ nextant:index --debug --force
And it seems to work much faster so far. Will see, if it slows down or not.

When I change (edit) filters and add new extensions - should I restart index process manually? Or will changes take effect on next index run?

Also, I saw these comments in the change log:

* "double-quote in search"
* -exclude +force_include in search.

I used to know, that double-quote means that string in double quotes MUST be present in the result. Is it what it means?
If so - how it is different from +force_include?

@SlavikCA: double quoting will search “a full sentence” and +word or +“a full sentence” means that it MUST be present in the result.

When editing filters/extensions, you can start the index manually or just wait for the next background index (You do not need to --force, it is supposed to remove files that are not in the filters anymore, and extract the new ones)