Nextant 1.0.0 - Stable Release - Full-Text Search within all your files

I would like to thank everyone involved in the project. The beta users for their reports and ideas. The Nextcloud Dev Team for its support, and the translators for their incredible work those last few days :heart:

This being said, enjoy that first stable release of Nextant !

If you are upgrading from a pre-release, you will need to re-index all your files:

./occ nextant:clear
./occ nextant:check --fix
./occ nextant:index

What is nextant ?

Nextant will :

  • Indexes your files,
  • Indexes your bookmarks,
  • Indexes your shared documents and deleted files (trash bin),
  • If needed, will OCR your stuff,
  • perform fast and concise full-text search,
  • display results integrated to the Files apps.

Recognized file format:

  • plain text,
  • rtf,
  • html,
  • openoffice,
  • microsoft office,
  • image JPEG and TIFF (will requiert Tesseract installed)
  • pdf with no text layer (will also requiert Tesseract) [work in progress]

Find more information in that sticky thread

Wiki: Home · nextcloud/fulltextsearch Wiki · GitHub
Admin Interface: Home · nextcloud/fulltextsearch Wiki · GitHub
Commands : Commands · nextcloud/fulltextsearch Wiki · GitHub
Few post-install tricks : Home · nextcloud/fulltextsearch Wiki · GitHub

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