Is there a solution RPi Arm64 NC20

I seem to have been around the houses with a lot of tutorials and advice and cant quite get to where I need to be.

What I am trying to do is get a Raspberry Pi 4 working with NC 20 and integrated Collabora or Only Office. Thats pretty much it.

At the moment I have most of it sorted but cant quite get callobora working. at the point after all the config of reverse proxy etc.

I have also tried NextcloudPi which was fantastic but not yet on 20 and when I used that then upgraded to 20, I was left without the integrations above.

Any advice would be super appreciated.



same problem here with Raspi 4 and I also really want to use one of them, but they all need an X86 Processor to run, there is no ARM Build available at the moment.
Same with Nextcloud Email and scanning of emails for tickets or Calendar stuff, it’s also not working on ARM CPUs.

We need to wait, but now with the 4GB or 8GB Raspis I would hope to see a release of on of the offices for ARM CPUs in the future.

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Im hoping so too. Perhaps NCP will take it on

No chance. Neither of the office suites will work for ARM and AFAIK there are no plans to change that.

FWIW, cryptpad is a pretty solid suite and will run on the Pi 4 in docker. However it doesn’t integrate with NC

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Hi folks,
I do not know your plans for using ARM + NC + OO, but there is some sort of option that works with NC19 and OnlyOffice to some extent.


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Thanks Mbcon. I have 20 running on a Pi4 so ill stick with that and wait it out but that does look tempting. I hope as above that now the Arm 64 4Gb and 8Gb Pi’s are out that it will get some attention.

Actually that looks fun so I may as well have a bash while I wait :fist_right: :fist_left:

:smiley: Great attitude!
Hope it works for you … If it doesn’t, just kick it in the bin again! Cheers!

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There is a collabora online server “CODE” in progress for ARM64.

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I don’t have a reference now but in recent confererence talks the Collabora guy told there is a cloud-based Collabora offering offering. Maybe this is an option for Pi users? for sure this is completely against nextcloud idea but from my experience Collabora is really heavy application which runs pretty good (but staring takes ages) on Qnap 251+ NAS (4-core Intel Celeron)

from my understanding Paspi is far behind this so running Collabora most likely is not an option for now…

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Don’t know if this would help or not but if you can get docker installed on it I have a project that implements and configures all that… You might be able to use that to set something up for yourself if you don’t need the mail part, the cloud part should be more to what you’re looking for.

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what about libvirt? Isn’t it possible to emulate a x86 CPU on an raspberry 4?

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I had solve this problem on a test instance only with Only office or CO running on a different x86 machine.

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I can not help as I am in the same situation, do not download C. Server ARM64. The truth is that I am still with RP 3b+ but I put to watch the issue since it interests me for a near future.

We wait for if the named RP 4c comes out. Raspibian 64 bit and that the people of Collabora update their program.
Greetings to everyone

Resources on this page might help:

The hurried in there are English guides that I think will do what you want
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What happened? What faults have occurred?

Yes, you can run NC20 on Raspberry Pi 4 with NextcloudPi.
Yes, Collabora is available for the Pi 4 via the appstore. Just has some installer issues being worked out.

Your best bet for Raspberry Pi is to use NextcloudPi, which is an official project designed to simplify installation and maintenance. Upgrading to version 20 is simply a matter of going to nc-update-nextcloud and typing 20.0.0 so there was no reason to stop using it. You can track status of testing new releases on their Github here. You can search the forum for more info on ncp and look at their category. They also have a Telegram channel at

There is a lot of misinformation in this thread. Collabora is available now for arm64 devices, but there are some issues with the installer being resolved.

Collabora CODE is available from the appstore here for arm64 as of Nextcloud 19.

System requirements for Collabora CODE (in addition to Nextcloud itself)

Linux x86-64 or ARM64 (aarch64) platform
2 CPU cores
1 GB RAM + 100 MB RAM / user
100 kbit/s network bandwidth / user
350 MB space on disk
Nextcloud 19 with Collabora Online app 3.7.0 or higher
glibc (AppImage does not support musl libc)
Fontconfig ( - required by Collabora_Online.AppImage)

Hope this helps!


Some great resources there thanks

Very helpful thanks a lot. Im running NC and rev proxy Collabora on the same device so that may be where Im going wrong. I have a 2gb x86 intel compute stick that may work for collabora

I dont have any faults on the working system which is Pi4 NC 20, I just cant seem to connect collabora to CODE because it doesnt see it. That said and reading below, I think I just need to put it on a different IP