Collabora Online Built in CODE server not Working with 1gb ram

I did a fresh install of NC 23 on my shared host with the latest versions of Collabora CODE and Collabora online. In the settings I see a green checkmark for the Collabora Server but when I try to open a document I get a download dialog. When I try to create a new document I get the message „Document could not be created from template.“ My share runs on PHP 8.0.21 with 1024MB memory. There are no errors in the Nextcloud log.

Then I switched to the Collabora demo server in Ireland and Nextcloud Office worked. I could open, edit and create documents. Any ideas what could be done to get Collabora CODE Server running?

You do not have enough memory. Collabora CODE has higher system specs than 1gb ram just for itself, in addition to Nextcloud.

You could upgrade your ram (but your instance is probably shared infrastructure and might be less powerful), so might make more sense to run collabora on a secondary server. Here are the requirements for app store release:

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