gsoc This is our GSOC category: let's discuss what we do, how we participate, ask questions, answer questions, be students, help students, bug mentors, hug students - have fun and help each other change the world! app dev This category is for topics related to the development of server apps for <br>Nextcloud: submitting new versions to the appstore, app management, app development, coding questions, and so forth.
Good news everyone! RC2 of the desktop client is here [dev] (7)

And we’d love you to test! I’ve updated (this time… forgot for RC1, sorry!) but of course it is also on There has been a migration bug fix - if y…

When to drop php 7.0 support [dev] (2)

There is currently a discussion on github when to drop support for php 7.0. For the current supported versions and the next major release NC 15, they still support php 7.0 throughout their lifetime. Beyond these version…

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