How to do my own build nextcloud-server?

Hello there, I’d like to do my own build stage and want to see as final artifact - tar.bz2 archive with updater inside
I don’t find anything helpful about it in Admin/Dev guide and repo.

see Docker .examples for customized images

Thanks for your answer, but it’s not helpful in my case.
I mean, I want to make my own build from my fork-repository.

I want to make the archive with nextcloud-server bundle
then build Docker image from this bundle and deploy it on k8s cluster

I didn’t find any information about these steps.

Why do you want to build directly from source? Did you made any changes to the source code, and are you trying to build a custom version of the Nextcloud software itself?

If not, just get the official release from here and use that to build your image.

I’m afraid we don’t publish the release script: Build bzip and package from git

Yes, but

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How I can make my own updater? how I can make my own process of building? you can erase your secrets/keys from it and publish.