Build bzip and package from git

We have done some code changes and want to package the code from git as its done

nextcloud.tar.bz2 \ "${NEXTCLOUD_VERSION}.tar.bz2"; \
"${NEXTCLOUD_VERSION}.tar.bz2.asc"; \

so that we can build docker images of those bzip pacakges
could not find the documentation or script which build these bzip pacakges can someone please give some pointers how to package from source like done and pushed here

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Sorry, because our release scripts contain too much stuff like keys and passwords they are not publicly available.

Also it looks like the thing you are trying to do is the exact same reason we sign the packages and make this non-public.

Maybe you can instead tell us what you are trying to change and we can make this change in the code base, so everyone con profit from it?

Well we were doing some internal org ui changes for this purpose we wanted to rebuild the package
If you can remove the keys and certs and just open source the script would be great or else atleast let us know the high level procedure on how to do it will be awesome.

The story is basically as old as Nextcloud/ownCloud itself:

It grabs some repos deletes some files from them (.e.g Tests) and does the magic and drops the package.

You could just grab the packages we publish, unpack them do your changes and repack them, without needing a release-script?

That what I am doing currently however going forward more and more changes may be needed causing us heavy patching .
So was looking for a better way. can there be no minimal build script that can be published ? It would be really helpful for all @nickvergessen


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This is the build script I use for my personal instances (it has built in patch functionality):