Claiming issues and community support

Hello! I’m a Computer Science student at the University of Michigan and for one of my courses we have to find a project that we are interested in and work towards making a contribution. I was interested in claiming some “good first issue” issues on GitHub (such as #42621) and was wondering what is the process to claim an issue and what community support is like when fixing bugs? Thank you!

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Unfortunately, you did not mention the project the issue is related to. I guess it is the nextcloud/server repo.

I am not aware of a single way to participate. I would comment on the issue that you are willing to work on it. Ideally, you would get assigned the issue to indicate someone is actively working on it.

Then you start the actual work. I assume, you know how to handle git. Fork the repo, clone the fork, start a new branch, and do the work there. After that, you can push the newly created branch to your fork and create a pull request on the main repo. Make sure the tests run through and fix any issues. There will be the need of confirming reviews by humans, so keep watching the issue and pull request.

If you change anything, have a look if there are any automated tests, that might need addressing. Adding new tests might be a good idea to make the created code fool-proof and less likely to be rejected.

The amount of community support highly depends on your experience and the level of stupidity of your issue and the solution you suggest. But you should not assume, the community will do the work for you. It would be faster to tackle them ourselves but we are overloaded as well. Just ask and see if you get good help.

Any more questions?



Assigned :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@Hannah_Wick welcome to the communityforum of Nextcloud.

What a wonderful first thread! :heart_eyes:

So as I can see you already got assinged to “your” issue… Good luck with it! :four_leaf_clover:
Hopefully we’ll see you more often here or on Github!